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Mother’s Day Gifts to Cherish For Generations to Come

Some mother’s day gifts last for a few days and some last for a few years, but wouldn’t you love to give your mom a gift that will last for generations to come? This mother’s day present your mom with a gift that speaks directly from the heart. This year search for gifts that enable you and your mom to share the stories, events and memories that encapsulate a lifetime. The items featured below will seal your mother-daughter or mother-son relationship. They will become treasured mementos for future generations to read and re-read time and time again.

My Life Story – So Far

Inspire your mom to create a long lasting family keepsake with the My Life Story – So Far journal. This beautiful linen book includes thought–provoking prompts that will guide your mom to tell her story through a wide variety of topics including the Early Years, Family Roots, Growing Up, Love & Marriage, Starting a Family, Work & Career, Significant Events & People, Passions & Pastimes and Words of Wisdom. By completing these nine sections your mom will generate a personal memoir that includes the meaningful stories and wisdom gathered from a lifetime of experiences.

Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set

This Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set contains 40 cards for you and your mom to send to one another. Not sure what you’d want to write in a letter? This set includes hundreds of personal prompts to inspire your creative juices. These prompts will inspire you to share stories you’ve never told before. These are the types of stories that make you laugh, cry and feel every emotion in between. When the letters are completed you will place them back into the special pockets of this book where they can be treasured for a lifetime. This heirloom will strengthen the bond between you and your mother as you uncover facets of your mom you may have never known.

Conversations with My Mother

Help your mom celebrate her life with a keepsake journal full of charming illustrations, spaces for photographs and plenty of spaces to write. Conversations with My Mother includes over 70 pages of intriguing questions including prompts like “When did you learn to drive?” “Who was your first crush?” and “What did you think each of your children would grow up to be?” A simple question can spark colorful stories of memories and moments that weave the tapestry of your mom’s life. After your mom finishes this book sit down together so she can share her stories with you.

My Family Cookbook

Does your mom love to cook or bake? When you walk into her house do you smell freshly baked cakes or chocolate chip cookies? Do the majority of your childhood memories revolve around standing at the kitchen counter watching your mom stir, measure and mix ingredients? Wouldn’t you love to capture her recipes for generations to come? My Family Cookbook includes space for over 80 of your mom’s favorite recipes. One day children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren can open this book and recreate the family recipes your mom holds dear.

Letters to My Mom

Let’s face it most of us take our mom for granted. We don’t say I love you nearly often enough, but what mom wouldn’t want to hear those words more often? Express your love and gratitude by creating hand written letters to your mom. The Letters to My Mom set includes situation-specific prompts like “Read me when you need to know how much I love you” and “Read me when you miss me.” As you retell stories of previous life events your mom’s heart will swell with your love and admiration. Complete the nine letters, seal them in their corresponding envelopes and present the package in a special keepsake box. This box will act as a long distance hug, warming your mom’s heart just when she needs it. Many years after these letters are written you will enjoy reading and re-reading them again.

This mother’s day give a gift that family members will treasure for generations to come. You can find these and many other similar gifts at Uncommon Goods.