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MSI Gaming Notebooks Running on Windows 8

The next generation operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8 has been launched this week for the masses and is available in stores now. One can also upgrade or buy windows 8 at Microsoft’s website or from online stores like amazon. Now, since the new operating system has made its way into the market, new desktops and notebooks have come in demand. Many companies are launching their brand new systems, which boast of running on Windows 8. In the same manner, MSI has taken an innovative step to beat the market and set a sturdy foot on the top.

Now while many of the people are keen to install just a work rig, there are many who want to make a little extra from their systems. While the e-commerce websites like e-bay are on the verge of being populated by various new ranges of laptops, MSI has to be different with its brand new G-series. The difference will be beneficial for the gamers.

Most of the buyers aim to buy a rig that can satisfy their gaming needs. Of course, the flash online games are not being referred to here. We are talking about the games that run on heavy graphics. Keeping this thought in mind, MSI has launched the G-series of gaming notebooks. The aim is to empower the notebooks with enhanced graphic rendering capabilities that will also enhance the overall experience of Windows 8.


The notebook range will be equipped with the latest NVIDIA Keplar GeForce video card. Needless to say, with such a graphic card, the notebook is capable of flying over all the performance benchmarks. But other than that, it practically allows you to play those high-end graphic games on a full resolution to deliver an outstanding quality and experience.

The machine also has an installed Killer E2200 Game Networking for those who indulge themselves in LAN gaming. Thus, now you do not need to find an excuse for high latency for poor performance. It has Dynaudio speakers for producing a phenomenal audio experience. Besides, a steel series gaming backlit keyboard has been installed so that you can use it comfortably even at night or in low light conditions. If you are planning to buy one of the GT70 models, you may want to select a model that has a Killer Wireless-N 1202 card installed that will allow increased networking speeds up to five times. The same can be checked out at the online stores before purchasing.

Andy Tung, the Vice President of Sales for MSI US, stated, “MSI’s combination of superior gaming components and an upgraded operating system allows users to fully immerse in the gaming world without sacrificing affordability and performance. Windows has been a staple in the personal computing world and the new version promises to improve performance and re-engage users through a new interface.”

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