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Must Have Fitness Products for the New Year

If you made a resolution to get into shape for the new year, or you’re just wanting to become healthier in general, you might want to start a fitness program. There are so many different fitness routines to choose from, and it can be difficult to narrow them down. Finding the one that will best suit your needs and fit in with your lifestyle is easier than you think. The benefits of working out on a regular basis are reason enough to want to exercise. If you’re wanting to work out for weight loss purposes, you’ll also receive benefits like lowering your blood pressure, and possibly elongating your lifespan.

Fitness is for everyone at any age, and it doesn’t have to take place in a gym. There are many fitness products that you can purchase and keep at home for workouts whenever you have the time. You can find several free exercise programs and videos online, or you can purchase workouts on DVD. Gaiam is a wonderful resource for all types of fitness DVDs.  If you’re looking to get into yoga, you can purchase any 3 yoga DVDs from Gaiam for just $18.98.

If yoga isn’t for you, there are lots of other programs you might like. Pilates is popular among women, particularly moms who might want to get back into shape after having children. Pilates works your entire body, with a main emphasis on the core. The exercises can strengthen and lengthen your body, and you can see results in a just a few days once you start a regular routine.


Having the proper fitness apparel to wear during workouts can make all the difference. Whether you plan on hitting the pavement each morning for an early run, or you’re more into yoga and meditation, you’ll want to have the right style of clothing to wear when working out. Having fabrics that breathe easily and wick moisture away from your skin are desirable during workouts. You’ll also want to choose designs that allow you to move easily. Academy has a fantastic selection of fitness apparel for men, women and kids. You can find everything you need from yoga pants to soccer shorts. Right now you can get 5% off your purchase from Academy. Might want to stock up on fitness apparel for the rest of the winter, and check out styles for the spring season, too.


A fitness ball is a great exercise tool for the whole family. There are so many different exercises that you can do with it, and it’s perfect for sculpting and toning muscles. Kids will love the fitness balls, too. They can sit on the ball, and bounce on it for hours! They’ll never even realize they’re getting a ton of exercise, because they’ll be too busy having tons of fun.

A jump rope may seem like an old piece of exercise equipment, but it’s a tried and true accessory. If you have kids, why not start a challenge to see how many jumps each person can get in before getting tripped up, or getting tired? You could even do a similar workout with a hula hoop. These fun recreational outdoor toys can be used any time of the year for serious fitness routines. Why not add them back into yours? They might just make you feel like a kid again!