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MyDomain Coupon: Make an Easy Start on Your Site Building

There is no doubt that domain name is necessary to build a website. If this is your first time establishing one, at some point or another you will have to pay for your domain name. The fee you pay is an annual fee. In other words, you can “own” the domain name as long as you keep paying a yearly fee for it. In this sense, the “ownership” of the name is not like the ownership of a physical object that you buy and becomes your permanently. Instead, it’s more like a rental fee. Although buying a domain name seems like a big deal to a beginner, it’s actually only a starting-up issue. Something that bothers you only when you’re setting up a website for the first time. Nowadays, because of heavy competition, domain name fees are very low which allows for customers to shop around and find cheapest domain registration fees. With MyDomain, it is simple to register a domain and get your website setup. Buying an affordable domain name at MyDomain doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality. You can get a promotion with our MyDomain Coupon and save money on your domain at MyDomain.

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