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Mytwinn— A Perfect Doll Store for your Babygirl!

Dolls are the all-time favorite toys that little girls love. Yes, little cute girls adore dolls as much as they love their parents. The feeling is shared by all girlie bands across the whole world. Even the mothers of those little girls have colorful childhood memories, of playing with beautiful dolls, cherished deep in their heart.


But does that mean only girls love dolls? No. Boys too are fascinated with the beautiful real life dolls which are very popular among children. Dolls also make up as the perfect gift for any occasion. Kids love to have dolls at any point of time.

If you are looking for a surprise gift for your bundle of joy, then don’t hesitate to check out the online doll store, You can rest fully assured with that all your concerns and your kids’ dreams and fantasies will come true.

Most kids love to pamper their precious dolls just like they are pampered by their parents. Kids love to dress their dolls in beautiful dresses, and they love to comb their hair. So, what if they get a twin doll which looks just like them? The thought is simple fantastic and it can be made true through

As a customer, you can create customized and personalized dolls especially for your doting little ones. You have to provide a little basic information about some features of your child like the skin color, eye color, hair color, and your child’s dressing preferences and hair styling. This information will be used by specialized artisans to assemble dolls of high quality, which excel in style and beauty. You will be surprised by the minute details which are taken care of by in creating the doll of your choice for your little baby.

The head is made from high quality polyurethane petroleum-based vinyl with beautiful natural skin tones. The body consists of a plastic armature covered with polyurethane foam tucked inside a soft cloth. MyTwinn dolls are 23″ tall and include 18 points of pose ability.

Once you get your personalized doll, also accounts for changes, if any. There are simple steps of registering in the site, and once you login, the whole world of customized toys and special gifts opens up before you to choose from. There so many coupon codes and discounts available to get your favorite doll at a very reasonable price. Plus, My Twinn also offers special discount schemes for its valuable customers.