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National Pen: Leaders In Quality Writing Instruments And Promotional Items

The National Pen Company is a business owner’s one stop shop for personalized writing instruments and promotional items.  A well-established family-owned company since 1948, it offers superior quality products at competitive rates.  As their slogan suggests they take your business’s image very seriously. Their web site, features a whole host of products, all easily accessible through online shopping or for more personalized service, through teleshopping.  In order to enhance your business performance, visit this reputed company’s website for the following highlights:

National Pen

Wide range of products

The National Pen Company offers an array of writing implements such as pens, markers, pencils, and highlighters which can be customized.  For example, apart from regular pens, they offer squiggle pens, contour pens, colorama pens and light up pens. To complement your writing implements, they also offer a wide range of stationery, magnets, calculators, computer accessories and desk accessories to name a few.  To further support your business needs, the National Pen Company offers an assortment of supplementary promotional items under their categories of bags/coolers and drink ware. As their slogan states, “your company name will carry weight on these bags”.  The eager shopper can find a generous variety of bags starting from the humble plastic bag to paper bags, duffle bags, business bags, travel bags, coolers and even lunch bags. Their range of drink ware is by no means ordinary ranging from travel mugs, sports bottles to even fancy glassware.


The smart business owner knows the value of branding in creating the right impression. The National Pen Company can help you with generating a lasting impression through brand names such as Atlas, Bic, Cool Gear, Gildan, Paper-Mate and Sharpie to name a few.  This company proudly features their own label, National Pen, in existence since 1964! Under their label they offer over three hundred varieties of pens alone, so the shopper will definitely not be disappointed when looking value and variety.

Current offers

For the economical shopper, the “current offers” category lists three valuable deal-finders under the headings free stuff, close out and on sale.  In this section, the customer can find great budget- friendly deals at attractive price points. Without compromising quality, the business owner has the option of purchasing products that they can still personalize and thereby promote their company name.  By contacting their toll free number listed at the top of the page, the customer is given assistance in selecting the right budget-friendly offer which is suitable for them.

Hot Products

For customers looking for the latest, cutting edge item, the hot products promises not to disappoint.  Under the New Products category, you can find unusual but memorable giveaway items such as, a metallic pocket planner, a Midas tool set and key ring, as well regular gifts such as key chains and calendars.

Under the full color category, one can find highlighters, notepads, calendars and magnetic memos. As the name suggests all in full color!

The Made in USA is special to this company because it attempts to support the ever-disappearing manufacturing sector.  Although it currently boasts only three quality products: Econowriter, Rubber coated divot tools and Super Value planner, this company promises to add more quality products to this section in the near future.
So if you are looking for quality products to market your business, shop at National Pen for a high level of satisfaction.