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Naughty Christmas gift ideas for your man

Christmas is not only the season of festivities but also of romance. The Christmas holidays serve as a topping to the ambience built-up by white snow and chilly winds. In all the merriments of Christmas, women often forget their better halves. Ensure that your partner doesn’t feel neglected this holiday season and plan in advance some of the naughty gifts listed below and you are sure to raise the temperature of your bedroom at least:


1. Sexy lingerie: No other thing in the world excites a man as much as watching his beloved in sexy lingerie. Almost every shopping mall is flooded with amazing offers on their entire intimate range. Go for warm hues like tones of red to coordinate with the festival.

Tip: Get yourself a red bow along with the lingerie and see the sparkle in his eyes.

red santa costume

2. Role play: Surprise your partner and kids by bringing him a bright red Santa costume and becoming an elf yourself. Your kids will love you for this surprise and the gifts that they will get. Ensure that the surprises don’t end there. You need to get a personalised gift for the Santa also. Use discount coupons to get some naughty love goodies.

Tip: You can try to make a hamper of some greeting cards, chocolates, wine, sex toys and condoms and him once again.

christmas tales

3. Christmas tales: If your partner is of the studious sorts, nothing can be better than reading him an erotic Christmas tale. A little bit of naughtiness will surely sweep him off his feet and ensure that he hears every word with keen interest.

Tip: You can also look on internet for such books as they are readily available there.

candle lit dinner

4. Candle lit dinner: Of course there are going to be some guests at your place on the dinner, but you can always sneak some time out for a romantic dinner with him. Hand cooked food will create a spell on him. Don’t forget to bring the wine he likes and bake his favourite cake.

Tip: Use lots of aphrodisiacs like strawberries and chocolates in the dinner and wait till you reach the room.

playing scrabble

5. Games and jokes: Play the games that you used to play in high school. Even a simple game of scrabble can be made fun by adding a simple rule of using only love lingo. You need to make innovative rules and punishments for the defaulters. You can also share naughty jokes with him and spend the night away laughing on the couch.

Tip: Ensure that the punishments are decided in a way that both of you would love to be a defaulter.

These naughty gift items are light on your pocket and can be easily found in the stores near your home or office. You can also find then online. Even if you are unable to do any of these for your partner, even taking out some time especially for him during the festive season will work wonders for your relationship.

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