NFL Sunday Ticket


Sunday, How do you usually spend on? If you just sleep the whole day, stay at home to do something senseless, or feel boring somehow, why don’t you come to NFL (National Football League) to get real exciting experience? DIRECTV provides you with an exclusive access to NFL Sunday Ticket which is an out-of-market sports package that broadcasts NFL regular season games you cannot watch on local affiliates. With the package you’re allowed to view the full length of every play in HD, and get excited by every hit, every detail instead of just the most memorable part. The games are given on the Internet, tablet or phone, as well as on the PlayStation Network and JetBlue Airways flights. (NFL Sunday Ticket won’t be available on PS3 this year.)

As a member of NFL Sunday Ticket, not only you can catch every out-of-market game, and video on demand, but access to Player Tracker, Real-time stats and scores. Of course there’s another alternative that you can take into consideration. NFL Sunday Ticket Max is a premier-tier package that offers some benefits you cannot get from the former, like RED ZONE CHANNEL, Short Cuts, and it entitles you to watch every game on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can get the newest NFL Sunday schedule on its official site. Here let’ compare the prices of the two packages.

NFL Sunday Ticket:

  • $39.99 /mo. for 5 months
  • $239.94 in 1 payment

NFL Sunday Ticket Max:

  • $54.99 /mo. for 5 months
  • $329.94 in 1 payment

If you lack enough spare time sitting in front of TV or computer, or you’re still on the go, it makes no difference that you can choose to watch NFL Sunday game on your smartphone or tablet. And one thing you need to do for it is just to download NFL Sunday Ticket app in advance. There are DIRECTV apps compatible to almost all types of mobile devices, no matter you have an Android phone, iPhone/iPod touch, Android tablet, or iPad. Thus you won’t miss any minute of the game, and are able to track your favorite teams and players all the time.

If you’re a true fan of NFL, you would ever image what if you’re a player of AFC, or NFC. Let Madden NFL 25 immerse you into the real game, and the real feeling of success, or failure of a game. This sport game is consistent with with real NFL. You can choose from 32 real NFL teams, and 1500 real players to start dual game. If you’re interest in it, Amazon Madden NFL 25 exclusive deal helps a lot. It includes some coupon codes entitling you an opportunity to unlock a special, 2013 regular season (17 weeks) of NFL Sunday Ticket, in addition to $10 off per month for the first year of the package, and one year Free of NFL Sunday Ticket Max for those who would like to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket at the same time.

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