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No-Cost Outdoor Workout Ideas

Gyms can be expensive. And when you’re on the go, or work long hours, it can be really tough to stay motivated and get there. Instead, try these great tips for working out to stay slim and healthy this spring for free!

Join a Walking Group

If your community doesn’t have one, make one! A great way to start is on You will be surprised at the amount of other people looking for work out buddies. You might find groups willing to hike, do yoga, swim, etc. A great way to stay active and make new friends. You’d be surprised to find how much more motivated you would be when you know others are expecting you!

Go to the Beach

Check out the beach at sunset and give yourself twenty minutes. You can easily do a high intensity work out in the sand that is more effective than an hour at the gym. Jog twenty yards, do twenty jumping jacks, ten push ups, and a crabwalk. Then, start again. Do any combination of total body workouts that get your heart pumping. Take a break for five minutes and let your heart return to normal. Repeat the process three times. The sand makes each task that much more challenging.

Take a hike

Getting a little closer with nature is always a good idea. Hiking rough terrain is a great way to give your body an unpredictable workout. Alternate hiking with jogging or walking to keep your body guessing. Getting too used to a routine negates the effectiveness of the workout.

Channel Your Inner Kid

Get on Craig’s List to check out a used bike! This is a great way to get around the neighborhood with your kids, or if you’re able, use as a mode of transportation.

Go Swimming

Have a community pool? Heading to the beach? Make a commitment to carve out twenty to thirty minutes of just swimming, for you. Do laps, try out different strokes, but just get your body moving. Swimming is especially key if you have injuries or issues prevent you from lifting weights or doing other strenuous workouts. You’ll be shocked how much swimming can change your body when done on a regular basis.