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No Need to Leave Home-Best Tips for a Staycation

There are many reasons to plan a staycation. Some people stay home to avoid the cost of expensive vacations; some want to avoid long travel days and others just want to savor every minute of their week away from work. Whatever your reason you’ll want to make the most of your time. Here are some tips to help you stay rested and relaxed.


Firstly, set aside time on your calendar. This may sound silly, but mark off the days as if you were traveling out of town for the week. Make it known to all of your family members that you aren’t just staying home from work and completing chores. Let them know you want to treat this week like any other vacation and ask them for suggestions to make your time together relaxing and fun.



Some people find it difficult to relax at home. The laundry needs to be washed, the dishes need to be cleaned and every rug could use a thorough vacuuming.  Agree to do the minimal amount of work necessary to keep the house in order. Remember that you want to enjoy quality time with your family. This is not the time to dive into a round of decluttering or to wash all the windows in the house.


Turn off your landline phone and let all calls ring straight to your answering service. If you were on vacation you wouldn’t answer the phone so pretend you are out of the house and don’t answer it. While you’re at it put your cell phone away or leave it somewhere that’s hard to reach. Disconnect from the world for a few days just like you would on a real vacation.15_1


Create a vacation budget just like you would for a beach or ski trip. Think about what makes a vacation so much fun. Is it eating out? Is it going to the spa for a massage and pedicure? Is it walking in the door to a clean hotel room where the beds are made and the bathrooms cleaned? Once you decide search for Groupon local deals on cleaning services, restaurants and spas. Try to recreate your favorite parts of vacation right in your own hometown.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Go Outside

Make a point to go outside for a few hours each day. You can sip cocktails on your back patio, feel the sun from your wooden deck or simply sit under a tree in the backyard. Vacations often contain a lot of time in large, outdoor spaces. Think about walking through city streets, camping in the mountains and strolling down a sandy beach. Recreate that peaceful feeling at home by leaving the house and getting back to nature. You don’t have to go far, in fact, your own backyard can be far enough. Find a peaceful spot to set up an Adirondack chair and feel your mind unwinding.

Gather Your Supplies

You know you’re headed for the beach when your arms are bogged down with towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, your new beach read and your favorite drink. Don’t just walk outside and sit in the grass. Recreate that feeling by gathering your supplies and packing them in a beach bag. L.L. Bean sells a variety of blankets that are compact when folded but quite large when laid flat.  Just find the perfect spot and spread everything out.

Watch Movies

In the end of a long vacation day when you’re full from dinner and tired from the hot sun it’s fun to relax with a movie. Recreate this feeling at home by getting everyone ready for bed then surprising them with an unexpected movie night. Bring out all of the best snacks like ice cream sundaes and everyone’s favorite candy.

Campfire pit

Try a backyard adventure by setting up tents, cooking dinner over an open flame and sleeping under the stars. This fire pit from LLBean will help you create the tastiest barbeque or scrumptious smores.


Before you head back to work on Monday morning, talk to your family about your favorite parts of the week. Write down notes and memories from your time together and begin making plans to do it all again next year.