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Non-Candy Easter Basket Alternatives

Nothing says Easter more than a brightly colored basket filled to the brim with jellybeans and large chocolate bunnies. While we know children love candy, we also know quite a few moms and dads who prefer to curb sweets. If you’d like to limit your children’s sugar intake on Easter morning then check out this list of alternative gifts. These ideas are so fun and interesting your child won’t even notice that you left out the treats.

Art Supplies

1 colored pencils

Does your child love to color, cut, paint and draw? Notepads, coloring books, crayons, colored pencils and markers will keep your kids busy and happy on those rainy, spring days when they can’t go outside. Construction paper, drawing pads, watercolor paints and paintbrushes make a colorful addition to any Easter basket. The budding artist in your family might also enjoy tickets to a nearby art museum or painting and drawing lessons with a local artist.

Outdoor Activities

While it’s true that April showers bring May flowers there are still a lot of warm, sunny days expected this time of year. Add a jump rope, pump up balls, gardening tools and bubble blowing accessories that encourage kids to play outside. Sidewalk chalk is another fun gift that mixes art with outdoor activities.

Card Games

1 child playing cards

Card games are small enough to tuck right inside those Easter baskets. Teach your child to play war, solitaire and hearts all on an ordinary fifty-two card deck. If you prefer a specialized deck of cards look for playful packs of Old Maid, Crazy Eights and Go Fish. Uno, Skip-Bo and Skip-Bo Junior would also make great gifts. You can find these and many other family friend card games at Walmart.

Books and Music

If your children love to read then fill their Easter basket with books. There is nothing sweeter than a young child climbing into your lap for a good story and a snuggle. You can stick with classic bunny themed books like Runaway Bunny, The Tale of Peter Rabbit and the Velveteen Rabbit or simply pick any genre and theme you know they’ll love to listen to.

Bath Supplies

1 bath squirtersMost small children love bath time, so why not fill that Easter basket with fun supplies for your child’s next bath? Would your kids love to see their bath water turn purple, orange, yellow or red? Well Crayola’s Color Bath Dropz will do just that. Drop one or more tablets into the tub and watch your children’s eyes light up as their water turns color right before their eyes. For another fun bath time adventure, buy a box of glow sticks, crack a bunch and drop them in the tub, then turn out the lights and let your kids take a bath in the dark. Small bottles of bubble bath and plastic toy squirters would also make a great addition to any Easter basket. You can find these and other fun bath accessories at Toys-R-Us. Right now you can receive free shipping with orders of $29 or more.


Parents might want to avoid filling that Easter basket with overly sugary sweets, but that doesn’t mean they have to skip out on the goodies all together. Popcorn, goldfish crackers, granola bars, trail mix, dried fruit, yogurt covered pretzels and apple sauce pouches are all fun to munch on.

Consider these fun alternatives to candy this Easter. Your kids will be so excited to open their baskets they’ll forget all about those missing sweet treats.