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Now is the Time to Buy BBQ Gear

Many think that when summer ends, grilling season goes with it, but frugalistas know that the Fall is the best time for a backyard BBQ! First of all, the griller-and-chief won’t have to toil away under the hot summer sun, and humidity levels will be low, too. Second, sports like football lend themselves to delicious grilled meats and pregame parties.

Last, but definitely not least, everything you need for you shindig is about to go on sale in a very big way. As we speak, Sears is already running 20% off sales on grills and 30% off sales on patio furniture. As the leaves change, those discounts are only going to get deeper.

Here are some items you’ll want to keep an eye on as their price tags get lower:

Charcoal Grills


This is far and away our favorite way to BBQ. There’s something about the charcoal flavor that makes our mouths water in ways that other cooking can’t. Pick up a bag of the black stuff with lighter fluid and you’ll be good to go. (Those two things are going to see mega price slashes,too.)

Gas Grills


Much to Hank Hill’s dismay, charcoal is our favorite. But we can’t deny the convenience of gas grills. You don’t have to wait for flames to die down or coals to burn out. Just fire it up and go! This is especially convenient if you have young kids or otherwise impatient diners in your household.



Charcoal may be our overall favorite, but when it comes to some baby back ribs, there’s nothing better than having them slow cooked in a smoker. This method takes up a bigger portion of your day, but the savory end results are worth all your efforts.

Dining Sets


Once you’ve cooked the meal, you’re going to want to have a place to entertain. Dining sets are perfect for family affairs or a get-together with friends. While it may seem counterintuitive to buy them as the weather is getting cooler, remember that you’ll be getting a great deal. You’ll be able to use it through the fall, and when next summer rolls around you’ll be ready to go rather than paying marked up prices.

Bar Sets


Do more adult entertaining? Then a bar set may be for you. You can still eat outside, but you’ll also have somewhere to store your beer and liquor when you pregame—and next year, you’ll have somewhere to keep your wares cool under the hot, summer sun.

Replacement Cushions


Maybe you already have the furniture covered, but the upholstery has seen better days. Now is a great time to update cushions, and unless you want to go the DIY route, sales on replacement items make this the cheapest time of year to do it.

Furniture Covers


Of course, when the weather eventually gets bitter you’re going to want a way to protect your furniture. Conveniently enough, sales extend to furniture covers, which will allow you to keep your new purchases looking like, well—new.