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Now You Can Go Camping July 4th With Deals on Camping Gear!

camping gear

Independence Day is just a few days away, and Americans all over will be celebrating. Though everyone celebrates the holiday a bit differently, you can bet that there will be barbecues, fireworks, pool parties, and parades all throughout the country. One thing that’s really fun to do on July 4th is camping. But, believe it or not, camping can be rather expensive.

Luckily, this July 4th, you can save tremendously on camping gear with all the sales that are going on. Check it out!

camping gear


REI has tons of sales going on from now until July 4th. You can save on everything from tents, to backpacks, to water bottles, and camp furniture. And, even if you decide not to actually take this stuff camping, it’s still good to have. After all, everyone can use extra lounge chairs in their backyard! They have up to 50% off and clearance sales. Check it out now!

camping gear


At Cabela’s, you can pretty much find anything you would need for camping, the outdoors, or just summertime. And, from now until July 5th, you can save up to 50% of sitewide on anything you would need for an unforgettable camping trip. Just use the promo code: 17GEAR49.  There are also sidewalk sales at your local Cabela’s!

camping gear


When the 4th of July comes, you can expect a lot of great sales from your favorite stores, and it’s no surprise that Kohl’s always has something intriguing to bring in customers. If you’re looking for really anything, you can find it here at a great price. But, if you’re specifically looking for camping gear, you can find that here, too. Get in before July 4th to score on awesome camping gear store-wide.

camping gear

Phantom Fireworks

Last but not least, you might be wondering what Phantoms Fireworks is doing on this list. But, you can’t have July 4th without camping or a barbecue, and you can’t have camping or a barbecue without some fireworks! Here, you can get a bunch of fireworks for $99.99. And, maybe those will last you until the next 4th of July, or another summer camping trip!

Do something different this Independence Day! These camping gear deals will allow you to get outside and enjoy the whole weekend instead of just one day. And, because these items are on sale now, make sure you shop before prices go up during the summertime!