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NY Fashion Week’s Best Trends for Hair and Beauty

It’s that time of year! New York Fashion Week happened at the beginning of February and everyone is buzzing about what’s hot for spring. The consensus is this: 2016 is the year for no holds barred. Designers are stepping outside boxes and having fun–and the looks are more translatable to the street than ever before. Here is a summary of Vogue’s official take on this year’s spring hotness.

1. Anything goes. Really–being you is in.  Nude lips or black gothic lips–it all works this year. Experimenting with makeup is all the rage this year. Create a mask with your colored eye shadow, smother your lips in out there color or use silver blush to brighten your cheeks.

Prada look courtesy of Glamour

2. Not into edgy? Warm and fuzzy curls are working, too. In fact, as a side note, there is a hashtag devoted to natural hair (#naturalhair).

3. Braids. Kim Kardashian has done it again with her plaited slash corn rowed hair. It’s a wearable street style that anyone can wear–low maintenance moms or high-fashion millenials. This was seen both on the runway and in attendance.

Katy Perry ‘s braids made headlines!

4. We love the fact that gym hair is cool right now. Messy is perfection, so pull your hair in a low bun, or tucked ponytail and let the front hang loose around your face. And you now have runway hair.

The Look: Off-Duty DowntownHow-To: "You always hear the models at this show saying they want to wear all the clothes," said hairstylist Paul Hanlon backstage. "So I try to think of who the girl is without being too conceptual or trendy."  The key: texture. "I want it to look like she had just gone to the gym and isn't walking around with a hairbrush in her bag, so there's a little bit of a sweatiness to it." He prepped the hair with thickening spray and gave rough blowouts only to control those with curly hair, the worked Bumble and Bumble Sumotech through the roots for lightly greasy, gritty texture. "It's natural when you get dirty that hair is a little bit wet on the roots and a little bit dry on the ends," said Hanlon. After making a tight, messy knot and leaving the ends sticking roughly out at the bottom, wet finishing spray was used liberally to balance shine with a windblown finish.Backstage Essentials: Bumble and Bumble Cityswept Finish, $30,
Courtesy of Harper’s

5. Bleach and block. Bleached out hair is back, but we like it long and sleek. Go curly and you may cross the line from high fashion to high end hooker. The block is the color block eyebrows. Last year is was bleached out brows, but this year, it’s a dark, rich color–they should almost look fake if you’re going for it. We admit though, that this is harder to pull off “off” the runway.