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Office Appropriate Halloween Costumes

Office jobs can be pretty mundane on a day-to-day basis. Cubicles covered in neutral, inoffensive colors and white walls don’t make for a very lively work week. Although, when Halloween rolls around, all neutrals become offensive! If your office doesn’t celebrate Halloween, start a movement to begin! It’s nearly a consensus that office Halloween parties bring teams together and boost morale. Plus, who doesn’t love an opportunity to wear something other than “business casual” at work?


If you take a stroll through a Halloween superstore, however, you may be flooded with costumes that… aren’t exactly “office appropriate.” Lots of mature, “sexy” interpretations of previously benign and innocent Halloween characters. Little Bo Peep, nooo! Luckily, there are still tons of creative and office-appropriate Halloween costumes, and many of them can be fashioned from clothes you already own. Just add some creative (or heavy-handed) makeup and you’re a whole different person, or animal, or ghoulish embodiment, if you prefer.

Here are some Halloween costumes that are fun and office-appropriate!

Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costume

Audrey Hepburn

Considering she’s thought of as one of the classiest women in modern history, Audrey would be an ideal choice for an office Halloween party. Nearly every woman has a black dress, and all you need after that is some faux pearls and big sunglasses!
Pineapple Halloween Costume


Can’t get much more harmless than an inanimate object, and food is even less harmless – we’re it’s #1 predator, after all! Whether you’re dressing like a piña colada in a frosty glass or just a pineapple, dressing as your favorite snack is a quirky and clever way to take Halloween to the office.
Dwight Angela The Office Halloween Costumes

A Cast Member from “The Office” 

Whether it’s the UK version or the US version, The Office is something everyone at work can relate to. If you want to do Halloween in a really epic way, collaborate with your co-workers to form a clique of cast members! The woman who dressed up as Angela got to bring her cat to work. I’m not sure if that’s standard Halloween policy or not, but I like it.

Katy Perry & Left Shark Halloween Costumes

Famous Animals

Take your cat costume to the next level by make it into a Grumpy Cat costume. There are tons of famous animals out there for you to be inspired by. While you might think that most famous animals are cats, let me remind you about Snoopy, Odie, the Cowardly Lion, the Black Swan, and my personal favorite, the left shark from Katy Perry’s 2014 Superbowl halftime performance. The Katy Perry costume is, while accurate, not office appropriate.

If you love the look of handmade costume, but don’t have the time, skills, or ambition to do it yourself? You could save 20% by shopping Etsy with coupons! There are some incredibly talented seamstresses that sell costumes on Etsy, and they’re not just for kids.

Etsy Triceratops Halloween Costume

There will always be a joker in the office who can’t take the costume contest seriously. Instead of coming to work in a shirt that says “This is my costume,” convince your sarcastic office buddies to at least accept the role of one of Snow White’s seven dwarves:
Seven Dwarves Beanies Hats No office party is complete without food, right? Make it easy on yourself, get everyone to bring their favorite type of candy, then just order a bunch of pizzas with various toppings. Get pizzas for as little as $6 with our Dominos promo codes. Then, it’s easy and inexpensive! No one has anything to worry about except whose costume is the best and where the candy table is.