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Online Shopping Hacks

We all do it, but are we doing it efficiently? Check out these simple, but effective tricks to remember before checking out of your virtual store.

1. Honey

Honey is creating a ton of buzz on the internet. Honey is a Chrome extension that finds and applies coupon codes for every purchase. No more coupon code searching. Just checkout like normal. Amazing.

2. Check Facebook pages

Remember to “like” your favorite retailers. For example, 6PM.composts exclusive coupons on their Facebook pages for the most “loyal” customers that are not posted anywhere else and therefore will escape the Honey app.

3. Code Stacking

Stack your codes the right way when checking out when a store allows you to use more than one code, like DSW. For example, if you have a 20% off coupon, $10 in rewards, use the coupon first so you are getting 20% off the full amount, THEN $10 off. It’s the difference of a few bucks, but makes sense, right?

4. Erase Your Cookies!

There’s this thing called dynamic prices. This means that the retailer can track your spending habits and price products accordingly. I know, it sounds illegal, but it’s not. If you erase your cookies daily, this can’t happen and you’ll always get the best priced. The difference might be a few cents, but still…

5. Unroll

This is cool. It allows you to organize your cluttered inbox. Say, for example, you get promotional emails from thirty stores but you generally only use five or so on a regular basis. This app will make sure you see those five rather than getting lost in the clutter. You can also unsubscribe to any junk you don’t want with one easy click.

6. Leave items in your cart

If you like to browse and don’t need something right this minute. Some stores will not only email you a reminder within 3-7 days that there are items in your cart, but will offer you an additional discount if you buy them now. This includes Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, Dick’s, and more.