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Orbitz is a traveller’s online one-stop shop for getting great deals on all travel-related needs. Customers can now book flights, reserve rental cars, locate cruises, search for vacation packages, and look up rooms in hotels, all from the comfort of your own home. Since June 2001, has grown to become one of the world’s largest virtual travel sites. A feat that can only be accomplished because of the value for money offered to customers.

You might ask yourself, why should you choose for your next vacation?

Apart from the low prices that all customers can expect, helps customers attain their dream vacation through special vacation tools which will help in the planning process. is now available on your mobile phone. Simply download the mobile app, and you will have instant access to flights, hotels, vacation packages, and car rental bookings.  And yes, there are some great deals that app users can take advantage of. For instance, by making a booking on your mobile app, customers can avail great discounts from flash sales. Some these deals allow customers to get 50% off on handpicked hotels from top destinations in the world and 15% off certain participating hotels in major US cities. recently launched their iPad app, which will help Apple users make vacation plans.

To ensure that customers get an enjoyable travel experience, has a specialized customer care-centre.  Part of the team includes a group of air traffic analysts (former air traffic personnel) who constantly monitor travelling conditions such as weather, air traffic, and closures. When required they will alert customers via email, voicemail, or by sending an SMS to their cell phones.

One great way to save at, is to book an entire package, especially if you require a hotel, and flight accommodations. Our travel liaisons have a huge inventory that they need to sell off, so they present customers with massive discounts, which can be found in travel packages. All you will see is the total price. This will help to maintain the suppliers’ integrity, and customers will get value for their money.  Orbitz’s Matrix Display will help you select your flight and hotel choices, to fit your travel plans. is also offers family-friendly choices. Many of their travel packages are great options of families, because you can find anything and everything you are looking for in your destination and hotel. If you are looking for a Spring getaway, some great travel options for families are Charleston, South Carolina, San Diego, and Washington, D.C. .

If you are planning a vacation around children, some great places to visit are Atlantis Resort, Breckenridge Ski Resort, Paradise Islands, Disneyland, and Mackinac Island.

For a romantic getaway for couples only, consider going to Quebec City, Savannah, or Santa Fe.

For a thrilling and adventurous vacation, Moab, Vancouver, and New Zealand are top destination sites.

So before you make a booking on, consider the following pointers:

  • Before you book air tickets and hotel rooms separately, look for vacation packages. You are bound to pay less if you find a vacation packages that provides a hotel-car-airfare combination.
  • Customers are encouraged to look under the Deals button. There, offers their currents offers and promotions.  So you might just find a great bargain!
  • Another easy way to save at, is to sign up for Insider steals. This will help you get access to hotel discounts, which will be sent to your email address each week.
  • By downloading their mobile apps, it will change your travel planning experience.

For travellers who are looking for some inspiration, visit their Orbitz Blog, called Orbology. Guest bloggers and content writers post information about attractions, airline information, and TSA news.  They also feature celebrities who have used their services, such as Andrew Miller.

The benefit of choosing, is that you always get access to great deals, plenty of travel choice and options, access to awesome vacation destinations, getaways for all types of travellers, packaged vacation deals, huge discounts on flights, hotels, and car rentals, excellent customer service, value for your money, and tons of help in the planning process.

Another great bonus of booking with, is that you no longer have to wait for “off season” to take advantage of great deals. If you are feeling stressed out, and simply need to get away, visit, and make your escape to relaxation a reality. Customers often delay their vacations and think that they will only get a great deal on vacation packages during the off season. Not so at!

If you are looking for great vacation ideas, or need help with the planning process, consider visiting, is your one stop portal for all your travel and travel-planning needs!