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Organize Your Home In Preparation for Back to School

Back to school preparations are currently under way. If you haven’t already done so you will soon purchase new school supplies, lunch bags and backpacks for your kids. Then you’ll tweak your children’s routines and set a new bedtime. We know you want to be ready, so what else can you do to prepare?

We suggest organizing your home for the inevitable homework, busy schedules and hectic mornings that are about to begin. Here a few tools that should help streamline your life before the first day of school.

Create a Family Wall Calendar

As the school year progresses it may be difficult to keep track of all of your children’s events, homework assignments, science fairs, sports practices and games. This year keep everyone on track with a giant, erasable wall calendar that can easily be filled with a month’s worth of activities. Allow your older children to add events to the calendar as soon as they find out about them. Whether they need to study for a test, write a report or head to the volleyball court you, (and the rest of the family), need to know about it ahead of time.

The Dry Erase Calendar Decal by PBTeen will help ensure you never miss a deadline. Simply peel and stick this calendar to your kitchen wall. At 40” wide and 27” high it is spacious enough to provide room for even the busiest families. Review the calendar weekly with your kids to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything important. Then copy the information to Google Calendar, so you always know what needs to be done, where you need to be and when you need to get there.

Create a Grab-And-Go Spot In Your Entryway

How many times have you found yourself running out the door after your kids waving hats, mittens or lunchboxes in the air? This September create a special spot just inside the doorway that houses all of those last minute necessities you don’t want them to forget. The Wade Bench from Pottery Barn may be the ideal place to store everything your kids need for school, plus it features a nice little place for them to put their shoes on before they leave for the day. Assign one of the four English dovetailed drawers to each member of your family. Put a little name tag on the outside so each child knows exactly what they are supposed to grab on their way out the door.

Designate a Portable Homework Supply Area

Let’s face it; none of us want to stare at a kitchen counter full of pens, pencils, scissors, tape and glue all day, but when your kids need supplies for their homework you want everything to be available and ready. Before the school year begins fill an organizer like the Recollections Storage Desktop Carousel full of materials your kids might need to complete their homework. Every evening before you head to bed place this carousel on the table so your kids can easily access supplies throughout the afternoon. Before serving dinner remove this organized little system in one fell swoop; leaving you with plenty of room to set the table. You can buy the carousel shown above at Michael’s.

Get organized before the school year begins and make the back-to-school transition a smooth one.