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Organize Your Home With Beautiful, Functional Baskets

Does your house feel a little dysfunctional? Do you find yourself staring at piles of stuff and wish your home were better organized? Are you constantly misplacing things? Do you waste time searching through rooms for items you can’t seem to find? Does cleaning up take a ridiculous amount of time?

If you struggle to keep things in order have no fear; maintaining a tidy house doesn’t have to be difficult. You can bring order to the chaos with one super easy organizational trick. Every possession in your house needs a special home; a place to reside so you know exactly where it is when you need it. This summer find a decorative place to store your possessions with beautiful baskets from Crate and Barrel. These baskets can simultaneously hide your clutter and organize it at the same time.

Baskets for Books & Magazines

Do you have piles of books and magazines on open surfaces like that area behind the living room sofa, on the buffet table or on top of kitchen counters? Corral your favorite reading material with square and rectangular Kelby Totes from Crate and Barrel. These baskets are woven around a metal frame, which provides an extra sturdy place to store heavy items. They come in three distinct sizes so you can separate your smaller books from your larger ones or use them to separate library books from the ones you permanently own. Store a few baskets on your shelves and place others near a cozy chair so you can read whenever the mood for quiet time arises.

Baskets for Toys

If you have young children then you know that small toys are constantly underfoot. When the day comes to an end you may find yourself walking back and forth from place to place picking up toys and putting them back on the shelf. Or how about trying to quickly straighten up a room before company arrives? You rush around the room trying to find a home for a slew of miscellaneous toys. This summer let the Kelby Rectangular Lidded Basket assist your cleanup process. Simply dump all of those mismatched toys into the basket, plop on the lid and slide it under a table or into the corner of the room. Thanks to the lids, you can purchase multiple boxes and stack them on top of one another. Your guests won’t see your kids messes and clean up can happen in record time.

Baskets in the Kitchen

Are your kitchen counters cluttered? Do you keep tea or coffee out beside the coffee maker? Do you see bottles and jars tumbling out of your pantry? Do your kids ask daily for a snack, but have trouble digging through the boxes and bags of foods to find something nutritious that they can eat? Baskets can help with all of those issues. By grouping similar food groups together you can find whatever you need in a hurry. Keep a breakfast basket full of all of those things you need to start your day; tea, coffee, sugar and creamers. Place fruit, granola bars and other healthy snacks in a basket and let your kids pick out their own afternoon snack. When you aren’t using these items store them away on a shelf or in the pantry.

Baskets in the Bathroom

Think about all of the products you use in the bathroom. You probably own bottles of shampoo, conditioner and styling products for your hair, make up for your face and lotion for your body. Use baskets to group these items so you can stow them out of sight when they are not in use. If you have shelves in your bathroom then use pretty wicker baskets. If you need to keep items under the sink opt for a less expensive option; preferably a plastic or wire basket that can be wiped down in case anything drips or leaks.

This summer search for beautiful, functional baskets that can help organize your home. You can find all of the items listed above at Crate and Barrel.