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Outdoor Living in Small Spaces

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAApartment living comes with its pros and cons.  One of the cons is small outdoor living space.  If you’re lucky enough to have a patio at all, it’s usually so small that it’s hard to imagine doing anything with it.

But it’s Spring, and it’s time to finally get outdoors!  With a little creativity and some savings-seeking methodology, you can reclaim your right to fresh air without climbing down ten flights of stairs.


Get Creative With Patio Gardens

Whether you want to add a little color to your space with flowers or grow your own food, patio gardens have become a trend that’s feasible both for your space and wallet.  Pinterest abounds with cute ideas, like growing herb gardens on repurposed pallets or growing vegetables in a container garden.   Optimizing your light will be crucial when growing your own food on a patio, so be sure to find the best source of light, and be careful not to overcrowd the area as one plant could end up shading another.

You can save space with flowers by using planters that hang over the outside of your railing, or using hanging planters if you have ceiling space available.  You can have morning glories growing up a trellis mounted on a wall, or lace flower pots through rebar making them easy to stack.


Shop Sales on Bistro Sets

With warmer weather finally reaching most of the country, outdoor patio sets are on sale.  While a full table, chairs and umbrella might not fit into your small space, bistro sets most likely will.  Bistro sets typically consist of two chairs and a small table, giving you space to set down your coffee without sacrificing all of your square footage.  You can find deals on these items right now at places like Sears in their Outdoor Living departments.


Pillows Are Your Friend

Want to create a cozy space without breaking down and buying new furniture?  Look at what you already have around your house. A chest with a flat top can turn into a leisurely reading bench when you add a cushion  and a slew of pillows suited for outdoor weather.  If you are able to sit down and stand up easily, you could even just throw a couple of cushions down along the ground and railing to have a comfortable place to sit amongst the thriving patio plants you’ve worked so hard to grow, allowing yourself to forget for a moment that you’re living in the city.


Repurpose Free-To-You Furniture

Browsing the “free” section under Craiglist or watching the curbs on garbage day will likely lead to finding some functional furniture that’s in need of a little bit of love.  Since you’ll be using it outside, it doesn’t need to be in perfect condition.  Wooden furniture can be spruced up by sanding, priming, painting, and weather coating.  While these supplies aren’t free, the money you save by doing it yourself will be substantial. If you come across some wicker furniture, all you’ll need is some budget-friendly spray paint and weather coating to get the job done.