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Perfect Gifts For Teens For Halloween

The holiday season starts with Halloween then comes Thanksgiving and finally the mother of all the holidays – Christmas. And Halloween is the start of all these festivities. If you have a teen around you, you’re most probably looking to gift him or her, the best “spooky” gift this Halloween. We bring to you some of the things to consider making for the perfect Halloween gift 2013.

Halloween Gifts

  • Gifts for Her

Girls are relatively easy to shop for given the range and the number of things you can buy your teen girl. Yet, you’re sometimes left wondering what you could possibly think of giving her for an occasion like Halloween. Read on to find out what:

girls halloween costumes

Girl Halloween Costumes: Teen girls always love new and innovative costumes they can wear to parties every year. When a teenager is growing up, every year the trends change, there’s a new fashion statement she can make at the Halloween party. Try girls tribe costume, lollipop sensation costume, girl Robin Hood costume and wicked witch costume.

Halloween Jewerly

Halloween Jewelry: You could look at gifting personalized Halloween jewelry to your teen girl like, Tim Burton’s earrings or Twilight theme bracelets.

Make up: What’s better is gifting a fancy nail art set or some nail glitter to go with the Halloween theme. Or there are theme specific manicure sets available too. There is spooky eye shadow or eye pencil sets with colors just perfect for a Halloween night.

  • Gifts for Him

Boys on the other hand, become slightly tougher to shop for given the limited number of options available that you can gift. For Halloween, here are some of the things you can gift to a teen boy:

Glow in the Dark: Glow in the dark merchandise is absolutely loved by boys of that age. It could be glow in the dark t-shirts or if your boy is the geek type, then there are glow in the dark mouse pads or computer mouse that can make for a perfect gift.

scary mask

Scary Masks: Boys would really love to own a scary looking mask of a monster or a bloody animal to wear it to a party and scare away their friends. Some folks might even like to own a pair of scary looking hands or feet. You could buy a severed pair of hands or feet to play a successful trick!

Gelatin Heart

Gelatin Heart, Zombie Food: The next thing that can be up on the list of Halloween gifts is to buy a gelatin heart set or brain or a skull made of gummy which can be used to play tricks on friends. Halloween tricks are immensely popular with boys so this could go down really well with your teen boy!

zombie food

Apart from what we’ve told you so far, there are some gifts which can be given to boys and girls like, personalized mugs, scary books to read, Halloween Treat Basket with loads of goodies in them, Cupcake Skull Molds or Halloween themed phone cases. Teenagers love goodies and any of these are sure to be loved by your teen boy or girl. Happy shopping!