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Perfect Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

So, it happened – you forgot that Valentine’s Day is next week. (Yes, next week.) Calm down, it happens to the best of us. Life gets busy and before you know it, your wife or girlfriend or partner is waiting for you to shower them with late winter love… and you’re not prepared. Luckily, I’m a girl, and I know what girls love to receive as gifts. These Valentine’s Day gifts are perfect for you! She’ll never guess that it was last-minute. 

Firs thing’s first – how late are you exactly? We are really, really, really close to Valentine’s Day, and if you don’t have time to pick something up or get something delivered, then your best option is the option that’s been around for centuries: a romantic picnic.

romantic picnic

Run to the nicest grocery store in town and drop $50 at their deli. Just do it! Get some nice cheeses, some meat, olives – and don’t forget the crackers and bread! Get yourself two bottles of wine and go, go, go! If you have a basket to put it all in, that’s great, but a nice paper bag will do just fine. Voila! Romantic picnic achieved. Let’s make a pact right now to not be this late next year, alright? Alright.

Have a little more time between you and your Valentine’s Day deadline? Try these above-and-beyond gifts that will knock her socks off.

my makeup brushes oval handle brushes

A woman can never have enough makeup brushes. Trust me, she’ll never see it coming, either. Makeup brushes are one of those things that women rarely buy for themselves because, well, we already have tons of them so it feels excessive. (But it’s not! Remember when I said you can never have enough?)

Surprising her with a great set of makeup brushes is going to show her that you went the distance to give her a thoughtful gift she will use every day (& think of you!). Try picking up an affordable set of makeup brushes, try My Makeup Brushes and save 10% on all orders through our promotion. You’ll be able to give her a full set of brushes without breaking the bank!

cricut paper cutter machine

If your girl is a crafter or a scrapbooker, you’ll seriously shock her when you show her the Cricut machine you’ve bought her! This thing can slice and cut paper into essentially any shape or design your (or her) heart desires. This is awesome for people whose homes are filled with DIY projects, or someone who wants to take their creative DIYS to the next, more professional level. Either way, this Cricut is a ton of fun, and when you pick one up, you can save 15% with our Cricut coupons.

gilt fashion for her

If your lady-partner likes fashion at all, I can guarantee you that she receives daily emails from Gilt, the original flash sale site for designer fashion brands.

I know it can be scary and difficult to buy clothing for your female partner, so here’s my advice: don’t. Don’t try! She knows what she likes, and she knows her size. The best thing to give to your fashion-obsessed significant other is a Gilt gift card. Then, she can monitor those daily emails that I talked about and she can pounce on the perfect style for her when it comes along. Be sure to tell her that she can save 40% by using our Gilt coupons before she buys!

couple dancing

The ultimate last-minute impressive gift is: event tickets. They come in a tiny envelope, and sometimes you print them out at your house, but the gift payoff for tickets is huge. First of all, you can show her that you pay attention to the things she likes by selecting an event that she would love – whether that’s her favorite musician or a monster truck show. Buying only two tickets to an event will tell her that you just want to spend time with her. That’s a major brownie point earned for you! You don’t even have to pay full price for the tickets, either! Use a coupon for Stubhub when you buy your tickets and you’ll be the best – and smartest – gift giver around.

These tips should keep you out of the weeds when shopping for your last minute Valentine’s Day gift for the lady in your life. But don’t waste any more time. On behalf of women, it’s my duty to tell you that you had better pull this off! Good luck!