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Personalized Gifts for Kids

Kids love getting gifts for just about any occasion. There are only fifteen weeks until Christmas, and now is the perfect time to start shopping for gifts. If you’re tired of the run of the mill toys that’ll be played with a few times and then tossed into the black pit that is the bottom of the toy box, why not consider giving a gift that the child will actually love and want to use or play with? Personalized gifts are true treasures and keepsakes for kids. These days, just about anything can be personalized for a child from toys and books to bedroom decor.

A really cool gift idea is a personalized book. Lost My Name creates a unique story, and actually puts your child into the story as the main character. Your child will love having a book that’s all about them, and going on a magical adventure to find the letters needed to spell their name. The book is perfect for boys and girls! It makes a fabulous gift for birthdays, for Christmas, or other special occasions.

Personalized clothing can be a lot of fun to gift, as well. You can take a plain shirt or baby onesie to a local embroidery shop to have it personalized with a name, a monogram and sometimes even special appliqued designs. Themed or seasonal clothing is very popular. You might also gift a personalized jersey or sports team shirt. Kids love to show their team spirit and wear the colors of their favorite professional or local sports teams.


Ridemakerz is an unconventional personalized gift. You can either customize the gift yourself, or take the child to a Ridemakerz location near you, and they can build a customized model or remote control car. The experience is really fun. Start with the body of the car (there are all sorts of cool themes available), and then add on different parts from there. You get to customize everything from the wheels and headlights to decals and accessories. After you have all of the parts chosen, you actually assemble the car yourself! The staff will even time you on how long it takes to build the car. The car gets boxed up in a special carrying case when you’re all finished. This gift is cool for boys and girls!


One of the ultimate one stop shops for personalized gifts for kids, is Stephen Joseph Gifts. They have all sorts of adorable gift items for kids, and they can all be personalized. If you’re looking to surprise a little one with a special backpack or overnight bag, this is the place to look! There are so many fun categories and themes to choose from. Your little pirate or ballerina will love the personalized room decor, pillowcases, growth charts, and more!

Personalized toys like wooden blocks are a wonderful keepsake. Holiday ornaments can be personalized and given every year, so that when the child is old enough to leave home, they’ll have an ornament collection to take with them. Little girls will love personalized jewelry, such as a special necklace that they can hold onto through their childhood. Personalize rain jackets and boots with a matching umbrella make for a fun rainy day gift, as well.
Kids will love seeing their name printed on a special gift, especially if the child receiving the gift has a unique name. Giving a personalized gift really goes above and beyond your typical gift-giving. It truly shows how much you love and care about the child, and you’ll be giving them a special gift that they’ll always cherish and remember.