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Picking the Right Tie for Dad

picking the right tie for dad

When you’re shopping for Father’s Day, you’re bound to run into that one, cliched gift:  the tie.  Cliched as it may be, it’s a classic gift that can go right if you shop with your specific dad in mind.  If you want to get more than a forced, “Oh, thanks…” on June 21, check out our tips for tailoring your shopping efforts specifically to him.


The White Collar Dad

Does Dad work in an office where button-ups and ties are a part of the dress code?  You’ll want to look at silk ties.  These are appropriate for work, and the texture will match the environment.  When trying to decide on which silk tie to purchase, look at the color pallette in his closet.  If you’re getting him a solid color tie, look for colors that are darker than most of his shirts.  (Though in many cases, black will be too formal, so don’t go quite that dark.)

If you’re looking at striped or spotted ties, make sure one of the colors matches the color of most of his shirts, and that the other serves as an accent.  For example, if he has a lot of cornflower blue shirts, you could pick out a striped tie with one of the colors as cornflower blue, and the other as kelly or light green.  If a majority of his wardrobe is white, you have a little more leeway as both colors will be accents.  Just don’t pick anything too busy, branded, or loud.


The Young Dad

Skinny ties are making a comeback.  They’re particularly popular among younger men.  When we say skinny we mean anything between 1 ½-2 ½ inches in width. These ties typically look best in solid black, with European-cut suits, and on men that are tall, thin, and fashion forward.


The Sweater Dad

Is Dad always wearing sweaters over his button-up shirt?  It’s okay if that generally happens in fall and winter; Father’s Day is tie-buying season, and there’s no mandate that he has to be able to wear it tomorrow.  If you commonly see him in V-neck sweaters, or something similar that reveals his  shirt collar, go shopping for wool ties.  These also look great on Dads who commonly wear tweed suits.


The Nerdy Dad

It’s generally advisable to stay away from novelty ties.  They’re loud, clash with everything, and are inappropriate for most places you’ll see men wearing ties.  The one exception would be for the dad that is fanatically into something.  Does he love Star Wars like the day it came out in 1977?  Then maybe he’d love that R2D2 silk tie.  Just make sure that you’re okay with him wearing it the places he has to go.  If you’re going to scold him for wearing it to church on Sunday, then it’s probably not a great gift.


The Punk Rock Dad

If dad doesn’t go anywhere ever that requires him to wear a tie, you can buy one for him as a fashion accessory.  They can be added to a polo with a loose knot, but should not be overly formal.  Pick something patterned with two colors, one of them matching the shirt he would wear it with.  Solid ties will look too formal, while adding more than two colors will be too busy.  Casual patterns that would be unsuitable for work are not only okay here, but encouraged.