Plan a Affordable Vacation South of the Border

Just because it’s September doesn’t mean it’s time to let go of summer! Start putting together your winter or spring break vacation to Mexico or South America. Before you know it, your friends at home will be surrounded by snow and you’ll be on a plane heading to the equator. Take that, seasons!

Picking a place to go can be as easy as picking a theme. What kind of vacation are you trying to have? Are you going to be sitting by the beach, or are you looking for an adventure? Want to try all of the local foods, or are you looking for the movie star experience?

South America is a breath-taking experience. From ancient ruins to lively cities, South America offers deserts, mountains, glaciers, and more.

Every country in South America is going to have a rich culture for you to explore, but spending some time to research your top destinations would be wise. Once you’ve selected a vacation destination, it’s time to book your flight.

To find the cheapest flights, use a flight checking service like Flight Network. That way you can find and compare several different fares. You can even see where the layovers are going to be – maybe you could even make a double or extended vacation!

There are many beautiful places to stay in South America, and Barcelo Hotels are some of the nicest. With their hotels, you’ll have all the amenities you’ll need to have an enjoyable visit.

Find a hotel with a close proximity to a walkable city, good access to beaches or natural destinations. This will ensure that you get the best experience. After all, you have the most fun when you pretend that you live there! South America has tons of great markets and nightlife to keep you busy.

When traveling abroad and visiting highly populated areas, it’s smart to have a bag with you that can go around your shoulders. This keeps your hands free, and it also helps prevent theft. A Modern Man Bag is an aesthetically pleasing option, and Modern Man Bag makes bags exclusively for travelers.

While everyone else is traveling to Europe and other exotic locations to the east, head south for the ultimate travel experience of a lifetime!