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Plan the Perfect Backyard Graduation Party!

backyard graduation party

It’s graduation season, and although many students have already graduated or are at least close to doing so, it’s never too late to celebrate the occasion. While it’s nice to hold a big party for the person graduating, sometimes going all out on one isn’t really feasible in the budget. Families need to find ways to plan a party that costs a reasonable amount of money, while still being a great time.

So, here’s how to plan the perfect backyard graduation party that’ll stay within your price range:

Outdoor Seating:

If you’re going to hold a backyard graduation party, you’re going to need plenty of room for people to sit down and relax. Maybe it’s the perfect time to upgrade your patio set or buy some more fold out tables and chairs for your guests. Make sure everyone has a place to sit, without spending too much money! Check out Bed Bath & Beyond for 20% off sitewide.

backyard graduation party


No, you shouldn’t buy a pool solely for the graduation party. But, if you already have a place for guests to swim and hang out, you might want to liven it up just a little bit. Buy some floats and noodles for the pool, pool toys for the little cousins, and perhaps a volleyball net to add some excitement. Take a look at The Pool Factory for some awesome deals!


Need to decorate the yard a bit? Of course, you do. After all, it’s not every day that someone graduates from high school or college. Add some decor to your backyard. Get a “Happy Graduation” banner from Party City, some candles or tiki lights, and some balloons to amp up the party atmosphere.

Food and Drinks:

No backyard graduation party is complete without food and drinks! You’ll need some snacks and beer for your guests! And, depending on what you’re cooking, you may also need a grill to cook up some dogs, hamburgers, or kebabs for hungry party-goers. Also, don’t forget the cake!

backyard graduation party


Were we missing something? Oh right, music! No matter what you’re in the mood to play at your graduation party, you have to make sure everyone can hear it! Get some speakers at SolidSignal for $34.99 and let the celebrations begin!


In the late afternoon or when the party starts to settle down, people want to relax. If you want your guests to be able to continue the fun without doing something too crazy, then get some card games and board games for everyone to enjoy. Some good choices are Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, or Table Topics! Find these games at Amazon at great prices!

Get all of these things and your party will be a blast (and one that doesn’t blow the budget!)