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Plan Your Vacation with These Summer Getaway Deals

summer getaway deals

Summertime means time for vacation! Whether you choose to go to a beach near your home or you want to try somewhere new, now’s the time to go. You can head to the coastlines of the country to see what summer is like in different places or go to a new country altogether. And, no matter where you choose to go, it doesn’t need to cost you a lot.

Now you can start planning your vacation with these summer getaway deals!

summer getaway deals

July 4th Vacation

Want to do something a little different for July 4th? Tired of the same old barbecue at your house and fireworks at the neighborhood park? If you want to do something “grand’ for the holiday weekend, then consider making a vacation out of it. Right now, you can get $20 off your Independence Day summer trip by using the code July20US at Easy Click Travel.

summer getaway deals

A Customized Eurotrip

Have you ever dreamt about spending the summer in Europe, but not sure where to start? With so much to see on this continent, you want to make sure you hit it all, from the lively cities to the relaxing Mediterranean beaches. If you’re thinking of taking your summer getaway here, then take a look at Topdeck Travel, a unique tour company that will help you plan every part of your trip at an affordable price. Now, they’re having good deals on trips, including an addition 10% off when you refer a friend!

summer getaway deals

Princess Hotels & Resorts

There are a lot of hotels you can find offering low prices on stays for the summer. But, if you want to make searching easy, then take a look at what Princess Hotels & Resorts is offering. Right now, they have 40% off a Caribbean Summer Escape and 45% off other vacation packages in the Caribbean.

summer getaway deals

Local & Getaways from Groupon

Groupon Getaways always has great deals for trips that you may not otherwise take. Because of the low prices and all-inclusive perks, a lot of the time Groupon has better deals on vacations (especially summer getaway deals) than anywhere else. Plan an all-inclusive resort trip to the beaches of the Dominican Republic for $99 a night, or a 4-star Vegas resort for $39 a night. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find it here at an excellent price. Groupon also has 25% off for your first Groupon when you use the code WELCOME, although some restrictions do apply.

If you haven’t made vacation plans for the summertime yet, don’t you think it’s time? Your trip doesn’t need to cost your entire budget. Just take advantage of these summer getaway deals while they’re still available!