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Planning a Travel Gift for Your New Grad

For many new graduates, the gift of travel is the perfect way to celebrate the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. Whether it’s high school or college, your grad has worked hard and they’re ready to take on the next step. Send them to a place that will shake up their comfort zone and stimulate their creativity. Their next step will be infused with the experiences they have abroad.

Planning a trip overseas might be bit much for a graduate who just completed 4-12 years of schooling. Take the headache out of their reward by planning the trip for them. Then, all you have to do is hand them the tickets and their itinerary and say, “get outta here!”

First thing’s first: you have to pick a destination. I suggest having an innocuous chat with your new high school or college graduate and get a feel for the kinds of places they might want to go. Use that to select the first ticket destination. After all, a good trip has multiple destinations, so leave a little wiggle room for them to get lost and discover new plans.

For a tidy gift, consider picking a package deal from a travel agency website. For instance, a few clicks around Easy Click Travel will lead you to a list of available package deals that could save you hundreds of dollars. These typically include airfare and hotel, sometimes even a tour or activity. Save even more by applying an Easy Click Travel coupon to your package order.

If you don’t want to go with a package and prefer more freedom, go with a reliable airline website. If you know where you want to send your graduate, look for airlines in that general area. For instance, flying with FlySafair will give you rates for flying into South Africa, and they may have better prices than competing airlines. Alternately, if your newly exploring student ends up in South Africa after a journey south, you can use a FlySafair promotion when getting them back home safely.

Last but not least, buy them a brilliant travel guide. They can keep this book in their travel bag so in a situation where they need answers quickly, they have a resource on-hand.

Lonely Planet makes some of the best travel guides available. From lesser known hiking trails to the best hotels in town, their location-specific books will provide a ton of insight when traveling in new places.

Their library of navigational guide books is impressive, they boast dozens of titles that cover countries and regions all over the world. You’ll receive 15% off of anything on their website with a promotion, so pick up the most relevant guide for your new graduate so when they embark on their journey, they’ll be prepared.

Then, wish your accomplished adult bon voyage as they take off on their expedition. They’ll come back with tons of stories about “the trip that changed their life,” and it’s all up to you to set it up!