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Planning To Buy AUsed Car? Here Are Some Shopping Tips

It is always a challenge when one plans to buy car, new or used. Each has their own share of research that cannot be done away with but it can be simplified. In times of economic crunch, it is best to buy a used car. So today we enlist some useful tips that would ease your used car shopping experience and also help you make the right choice.

buying a used car

1. Make a List

Usually when we decide to buy a car we have our preferences clear in our mind. Sometimes it is more than one car that catches our attention. So it is advised that you create a list of all the cars and models that you are interested in.

2. Finalize the Budget

After the list is finalized next it is important to decide the budget. It includes both down payment and EMI. Carefully analyze the amount that you can set aside monthly to pay the installments.

3. Running Cost of the vehicle

Cost of the car is not the only financial detail that a buyer needs to figure out. With the increasing fuel prices and service charges one really needs to carefully calculate the running cost of the vehicle and keep it in mind while deciding upon the different options.

4. Survey

After deciding on the budget next you must visit the showroom to see the vehicles of your choice. Check online used car stores to find a great deal. Compare the feature, model, year and other compare prices and select the better option. However, one needs to keep in mind that although older models come for cheap they require frequent service station trips.

5. Be Flexible but don’t divulge

One of the most difficult stages in the entire shopping experience is to stay focused. Be it online or showroom dealing, both would make efforts to tempt you and offer lucrative discounts and deals on the expensive models and makes.Don’t give into the temptations. However you would have to calculate the financial strain before you give in.

6. Inspect the vehicle and take a test drive

Before you buy a used car it is very important to inspect and test drive the car. A buyer should not hesitate to ask questions about the vehicle even accident history, if any. Also one should inspect the interior and exterior of the car and take it for a test drive to know its running condition.

7. Mechanical Checkup

We, as a buyer, can only inspect the vehicle externally but a mechanic can diagnose the vehicle’s running condition. Therefore getting a mechanic’s opinion for your car is strongly advised. Hire a professional mechanic to check the condition of the car.

8. Close the deal

Do not close the deal until all the ownership transfer details and insurance papers are ready and in your name. Get the papers checked by an expert to avoid future legal and mental hassles.

With the deal closed all that is left is for you to drive away in your new car with your family and friends and celebrate.