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Portable External Hard Drives for Personal Use

When the capacity of a thumb drive or USB drive is not enough, you might want to switch to portable external hard drives for storing your data. Unlike thumb drives, the external hard drives can store a whole lot more than just a document file or an MP3 song. It can store applications, installers, movies, blue-rays and other big-sized document and files. Another thing is, these portable hard drives are now used as a back-up storage device even in small companies.

Portable external hard drives capacity and size also varies. Due to the wide range of products developed by leading giants like Seagate and HP, it is important that you know how much storage you would need. Because of the variations in people needs, these tech giants also made different hard drive capacity ranging from 300GB to 1TB.

Here are some portable external hard drives that you might be interested in:

Toshiba 500GB Canvio® 3.0 Portable Hard Drive from Toshiba (


This hard drive offers one of the simplest and most complete back-up solutions for your digital needs. It is designed for those people who want an easy, comfortable and effective way to preserve and store their data. It features a special internal shock sensor and ramp loading technology that can guard any accidents and drops securing your data from any loss.

You can choose colours from red, green, black silver, blue, white.

Toshiba 500GB Canvio® Slim Portable External Hard Drive from Toshiba (


This Toshiba hard drive will make your back-up fast and easy and always on the go. It has a 3.0 USB interface that significantly improves the performance of file transfer for large media files. So it basically saves you time as well. It safeguards your valuable data and easy to set-up.

Available in colours of silver and black.

Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive from Seagate (


The Seagate’s Plus portable hard drive is the very simple and one-click away to share and protect your data. It has a capacity of 1TB or 500GB or 750GB for you to choose what suits your needs. It saves photos automatically from your social networks as well as it can share photos and videos too with just one click. The sleek portable design makes it a very good hard drive for personal use.  It also works with PC or Mac.

Product colours available in black, silver, blue and red.

Seagate Slim portable drive from Seagate (


Another of Seagate’s product features this light and very slim portable hard drive with 500GB capacity and available in colours of silver and black. Just like Plus Portable drive, it cans save photos automatically from your social networks and easy sharing of photos and video to social sites. It is as about as thin as a pencil so it is very easy to include it on all your activities and agendas every day. It can also work with PCs and Macs.

Nowadays, the use of portable external hard drive is soaring. More and more people use these portable devices than storing their files on the local disk of their laptops and computers. Portable external hard drives have so many benefits. By using these devices, you can store more files and you can bring it wherever you go because it is light and very handy to carry. And due to the evolving technology, many find it easier to store all their files in just one drive.