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Portable External Hard Drives from SEAGATE: We need back-up!

Rising to fame nowadays is a major need to have an external hard drive where you can store basically all your computer files – a reliable storage that you can take easily and anywhere with you. This portable and sleekly-designed storage made file-storing and transfer very easy. With up to 1TB of capacity, you can really store thousand of songs, downloader’s, movies, games and a lot more.

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But with technology today, different brands emerge with different specifications and different purpose for external storage. Sometimes, we think that anything is okay as long as it stores data and can be access anywhere. But the truth is keeping in mind what a portable external storage can offer you can also impact its performance and its benefits that could give.

Choose the portable external storage that suits your needs with these ultra portable and sleekly-designed hard drives.

SEAGATE, a brand trusted for storage devices offers a range of portable external hard drives that lets you choose according to your needs.


1. Back-up Plus Portable Drive – with capacity of 500GB – 1 TB. This storage is designed to meet the back-up needs of the user.

2. Seagate Slim Portable Drive – with capacity of 500GB. As the name entails, this is the Seagate’s slimmest or thinnest portable external drive – about the thickness of a pencil only but with high storage capacity.

Features of Seagate’s Back-up Plus and Slim Portable Standard Storage:

There are three features: Protect, Save and Share.

Seagate’s Standard type of storage helps consumers back-up their data in the cloud or from social networks. It has a “Protect” function that you can set-up in one click, customized your scheduled plan for local back-up. It helps protect your files by keeping multiple copies in case disasters come. Another feature is the “Save” function that allows you to save user-generated content from social networking sites via the Seagate Dashboard.  The “Share” feature enables users to manage their social profile easier. You can upload multiple photos at a time to social network sites – select the files, choose where to post and even add comments! These types of storage also have an upgradeable interface and simple to use softwares for sharing and backing up your digital life.

3. Expansion Portable Hard Drives – with capacity of 500GB – 1 TB

This is the easiest portable hard drive set-up. It is just straightforward only – just connect the USB cable and voila! No need for any external power supply since this is powered from the USB cable already. Saving files can never be this easy – just drag and drop. It has a data transfer speed of USB 3.0 interface when you connect to a SuperSpeed USB 3.0.


Seagate also offer the world their ultraportable hard drives based on the performance and has a higher capacity compared to standard ones.

1. GoFlex Pro UltraPortable – with capacity of 750GB

This is a perfect device when you need to store or backup any digital files and can be accessed with both personal computers and Mac. It has a premium back-up feature – an encryption that protects all the files in your computer automatically because it is pre-loaded with automatic back-up and encryption software. This is not just storage; GoFlex Pro drive is the world’s most versatile external drive. It also includes an intelligent desktop dock that allows user to view its remaining capacity. The speed transfer is also faster than the standard drives.

2. Backup Plus for Mac Portable Drive with Thunderbolt Technology – with capacity of 1TB

This is it, a true all-in-one solution that has everything. You don’t need external power supply and is compatible with Time Machine software and Thunderbolt devices.  Transferring large files, high-definition films can only take seconds with this drive. It also comes with “Save” and “Share” feature as that of a Standard drive so you can have all in one thunder-blazing speed drive.

Thunderbolt Technology plus the compatible peripherals can really turn one simple computer into a powerful workstation.

While many of us use our smartphones to capture and save photos, they are not really reliable and data can be lost since storage is not their primary function. Better we equip ourselves with portable storage devices to avoid data lost and important files later on.

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