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Post-Easter Clean-Up Tips

If the Easter Bunny came to your house and dropped off some Easter goodies for your family this year, he might have left a bit of a mess behind. Easter is a joyous time for making memories and celebrating, but along with it comes trails of dirt from the Easter egg hunts, Easter decor and supplies all over the place, and a mess of leftovers from Easter dinner. If you want to get your house back into tip-top shape, you’ll just need to follow a few easy steps to get there.

There’s so much to love about Easter celebrations. Everyone gets dressed up in beautiful spring dresses and nice suits, and dons their nice shoes. There’s often a bit of playtime in nice clothing, and those same clothes might even be worn to Easter brunch or dinner. Where there is food, there will be dropped food and spills, and ultimately, they will lead to stains. The best way to get rid of a food, beverage or grass/dirt stain, is to treat it as soon as possible. It might not always be an option to remove the clothing from the person, and throw it into the washing machine right away. Spot treating a stain is easy and effective. You can find all of the stain removing products you need to stock  your laundry room with at Target. You can easily stock up on these types of products right now, because if you spend $50.00 at Target, you’ll actually save $10.00.

Aside from worrying about getting stains out of clothing, you’re probably wondering the best ways to clean up all of that grass from the Easter baskets? A simple vacuum cleaner will be the best product for the job. Nothing cleans up dirt, Easter grass, candy shells, etc., better than a good vacuum cleaner. Try using a vacuum cleaner that has a quick switch from deep cleaning for carpets to a lighter, but powerful suction for hardwood and tile floors. You can save $150.00 on select Dyson cinetic vacuums. You might also want to rent or invest in a carpet cleaner to deep clean dirt out of your carpets.

If you hosted a meal for the Easter, don’t let the kitchen clean-up work pile up on you. Many think it’s rude to begin to clean up directly after a meal is finished, but get ahead of the game. Invite your company to retire to another room, while you scrape plates and rinse dishes, or start a soak. You can quickly load and run the dishwasher, and then join your friends and family while the dishes are getting clean. It’s perfectly fine to accept help from anyone who offers it in the way of cleaning the kitchen. It can be a great time to catch up with a family member, gabbing over drying the dishes and putting away the china.

Organize and store the decorations. It’s okay to leave your Easter decor up for a week or two after Easter, but eventually, you’ll want to take it down and put it away until next Easter. Organize everything by placing them into plastic storage containers with good seals and lids. This will keep everything together. Clear plastic bins are perfect to use for storage, as you’ll be able to see through them, and quickly find what you need again. Once everything is put back into place, you can start planning the decorations and preparations for your next family get-together.