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Post-Easter Steals and Deals


Happy Easter, everyone! We hope the bunny graced your house with tons of candy, and that brunch was absolutely delish.

We wanted to send you a quick reminder that tomorrow will be a great time to stock up for next year. While we all know to anticipate massive candy sales the day after Easter, there’s tons of other gear that will also be on steep clearance. Load up now and keep these things in storage so you won’t have to spend full price in 2017.


Easter baskets will be heavily discounted starting tomorrow. If you’re in need, pick them up for next year, but you get bonus frugal points if you reuse them annually.

Plastic Eggs

Those plastic eggs used for decorating trees and Easter egg hunts will be marked way down, too. You don’t have to wait until next year to use them, though, if you have little ones or young nieces and nephews. If you’ve watched YouTube with a young child lately, you’re no stranger to the surprise egg phenomena. Put toys inside egg. Open egg. Find toy. Super exciting! And if you buy those eggs tomorrow, it’s also super cheap.

When you’re thinking about purchasing these toys for hours upon hours of enjoyment, you may want to consider getting higher quality eggs. They’ll last a lot longer, and if you buy starting tomorrow, they’ll only be a buck or two more than the flimsy ones.

Egg Dying Kits

We know that there are tons of ways to decorate eggs without dye kits, but those kits are so insanely cheap to start with. Pick them up tomorrow, and you’ll pay almost nothing for the supplies you’ll need next year.

Plastic Grass

This is another item that’s never very expensive, so picking some up for next year will cost you next to nothing. Another fun trend that we’ve seen around a lot this year is edible grass for Easter baskets, that reduces the potential choking hazard for young kids and babies. That will be on sale, too!

Sunday’s Best

Frilly dresses. Shiny shoes. Big hats. Suits and ties. These are the things of Easter Sunday. There won’t be nearly the same demand for them come monday morning, though, so expect to see all the adorable kids’ dress clothes marked down, as well. You can either buy a size up to prepare for next year, or buy your child’s current size if you have regularly fancy occasions for your kids.

We don’t advise hitting all the Spring clothing racks quite yet, though. If you can hold out another week or so, non-Easter Sunday Spring wear will start to come down in price, too, when the calendar turns to April.

Themed Dishes

Dishes don’t see their steepest discount until June, but if you happen to run across adorably themed serving plates, bowl sets or anything else to serve next year’s Easter dinner on, nab them up while they have a low price tag.

Where to Shop

Our favorite place to grab these deals is at Walmart, where we consistently notice generous discounts after holidays have passed. If you happen to snag a great deal on Easter-themed gear in the next week, show us on social media! We’re all about celebrating great finds at low prices.