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Post-Thanksgiving Feast Board Games

After the turkey is eaten, the pie has been served and the dishes are humming away happily in the dishwasher, what does your family do on Thanksgiving?

If you’re into football, or at least if your team is playing, you may already have an answer. But our family loves to sit around and further enjoy each other’s company by playing board games.

The games we play have evolved as we’ve aged. When we were teens we’d play very grown up games that made us feel cool because we had the ability to master word play and knew enough about pop culture to answer trivia questions.

Now that many of us have children of our own, though, we’ve regressed to younger games so the little ones can join in, too.

Here are some of our favorite board games to indulge in post-Thanksgiving feast, all of which are available at Toys R Us:

For Younger Children

Paw Patrol Toss Across


You may be tired from all that turkey, but we’re willing to bet the little ones are sugared up from that pumpkin pie. Paw Patrol Toss Across is a great way to help them burn off some of that energy while having fun.

The game is a lot like Tic Tac Toe. Your goal is to get your team’s pups facing up with three of them in a row. To get the pups showing, though, you have to throw a bean bag at the board (which is thankfully laying on the floor.) A bad toss could mean flipping to your opponents advantage!

It’s themed. It’s fun. And it encourages good sportsmanship and gross motor skills.

Despicable Me Memory


Don’t brush this one off. While it’s definitely marketed towards young children, you may find yourself more challenged than you anticipate! Matching distinctly different images is one thing, but discriminating between minions? Your kids may just have the edge.

For Teens and Adults



In this fun classic, you will be given a card with a word at the top. Your goal is to get your team to guess the word without actually saying it—or the five other associated words beneath—before time runs out. Thinking about cheating? Nice try. A member of the opposing team will be there to buzz you should you violate any of the rules—accidentally or on purpose.

The winning team is the one with the most words guessed correctly whenever you decide to stop playing. That can be a certain time limit or a certain amount of points.

Head’s Up!


We can’t lie. Adults or no, we were excited to see Finding Dory come out this year.

As a matter of fact, we love virtually everything Ellen does. That includes this laugh-inducing board game. When you play Head’s Up, you hold a card up on your head and try to guess what it says. Everyone around you is allowed to give you clues, but there’s a twist. Depending on the category you pick, their clues will have to be acted out, hummed, or be descriptions of a celebrity.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving board games? Tell us about them on social media!