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Prep & Planning for Your 4th of July Party

Tomorrow is the big day, are you ready for your 4th of July party?

The brats and hotdogs are in the fridge, the buns are in the pantry, and the beverages are chilled… But what about your atmosphere? Sure, parties are about the food and drinks, but they’re also about providing a fun and memorable experience for your friends and family! With just a few extra touches, you can maximize your Fourth of July party and make it legendary.

In order to create an amazing party atmosphere, you need inspiration. First, check out some home decor websites to see photos of other people’s parties. This way, you can see what you like before you spend any money recreating a look.

Houzz is full of incredible homes and decor ideas. Everything from interior design to party decorations are present in their extensive library of images. A few years back, Houzz even began offering shoppable photos that let you purchase exact products and items from the inspiration photographs. If you find something you like, just click buy! Add a Houzz coupon and save $20 off of $100!

Once you’ve got your decor and theme down, it’s time to move on. Wait – I thought you said you had hotdogs and brats in the fridge! The big party is tomorrow and you need a food plan!

If you haven’t had time to think about food – don’t worry. Food delivery services are here to help you. If you’re throwing a party in your urban area apartment or house, just dial up Caviar to take care of your food needs. Your guests won’t even know you didn’t cook it! (Unless they see the delivery person…)

Caviar lets you browse the menus of several local eateries, then lets you order right online! The food is then delivered right to your house, and you don’t have to cook a single thing. Perfect! Plus, Caviar restaurants are always offering promotions, so you could feel your whole crew with a discount on top – who doesn’t like that?

Now that all of those logistics are out of the way, it’s time for the fun stuff. Games, toys, and activities for friends, family, and of course – the kids.

If your area has a burn ban or fireworks are illegal, Fourth of July can still be fun! Having activities and projects for the kids will keep them totally entertained until the even when the professional, city-sanctioned fireworks are lit off.

I highly recommend picking up a large LEGO pack and setting up a kids table where they can construct, build, and explore these classic building blocks.

Not only will this keep kids occupied for hours, it will also help them develop integral mechanical and problem solving skills – on top of being tons of fun! Just be sure that everyone playing with the LEGO set knows that they don’t belong in mouths, and you’ll be in good shape. Use a LEGO coupon to save money when picking up a set. You can keep it around for future parties, or let one of the kids take it home!

Once you have everything set up, sit back and pour yourself a fruit punch or mimosa early. You’ve created a beautiful, delicious, and wonderful Fourth of July party, so give yourself a hand!