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Prepare Your Family for a Day Outdoors

Getting outside a lot this summer?

Good. That’s a huge part of what makes summer so much fun.

But you do have to be careful. With all that time at the pool, in the backyard, or outside camping with the family, are you kids getting proper sun coverage?

UV rays are harmful no matter your age, so you want to protect yourself and your children not just because of sunburn, but also because of future skin damage later down the road. The worst cases can lead to skin cancer, so it’s worth it to spend a little extra time applying before you head out the door on your next adventure.

Because there are so many different reasons and ways to protect your skin, we wanted to take a little time today to do a PSA making you aware of a few of them. The first four featured solutions are from Aveeno.

Skin Care for Baby

Baby’s skin is particularly sensitive, so you’re going to want something that’s formulated with the needs of sensitive skin in mind while still providing a fierce SPF level. One example is Aveeno Baby’s Continuous Protection Sensitive Skin Zinc Oxide Sunscreen. It’s gentle on the skin and provides an SPF level of 50.

Skin Care for Water Play

Headed to the pool? You’ll need something that has a respectable SPF level while being waterproof. Aveeno Hydrosport Wet Skin Spray Sunscreen hits the mark. But you don’t have to take our word for it. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this specific product as long as you reapply every two hours or after you dry off with a towel—whichever comes first.

Skin Care for the Kids

Okay, so SPF70 may be a little overkill, but when it comes to protection, you can’t have too much. The Skin Cancer Foundation approves of this product, as well. It’s fast-absorbing and won’t leave their skin feeling greasy, and even has waterproof features in case of sweat.

Skin Care for Under the Makeup

Even if your makeup has SPF in it, you should still be wearing a protective lotion beneath. That goes for you and any teenagers in your house. The advertised SPF in makeup typically only applies if you cake it on really, really thick. As in inhumanly thick. So use the lotion first.

This hydrating lotion has been formulated with natural ingredients to keep your skin soft and supple, and to keep the rays from damaging your beautiful face. You have to take care of mom, too!

Sun Care for Your Hair

If you’ve ever gotten scalp burn, you know where we’re coming from on this one. Clarins’ Sunscreen Care Oil Spray takes care of your hair and scalp in the sun in a way that other potentially protective hair sprays do not: with SPF. It’s lightweight and won’t weigh your hair down, so you and the kids won’t have to look like disgusting greaseballs in the name of smart summer skin protection. When applied correctly, you also won’t come home with a burn, and are less likely to develop skin cancer on exposed parts of your scalp. You can pick some up at Sephora.