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Preserve Your Summer Memories With Personalized Home Decor

Summer is the time for adventure. After the kids get out of school we pack the car and drive to beaches, lakes and swimming pools. We step onto airplanes and jet off to exotic vacations or simply take a short flight to visit grandma and grandpa. In the summer time we spend more time outside hiking, biking and exploring our natural surroundings. We gather friends and family for barbecues and spend nights in tents staring up at the stars.

This is the time of year when we tuck cameras into backpacks, bicycles and wagons. We carry our cell phones along with us wherever we go and capture photos of all these moments we want to remember. The moments, truth be told, that we never want to forget.

Now that summer is more than half way over its time to take a look at all of the images you’ve captured so far. Search through all of your summer pictures, pick out the very best of the bunch, and print and share those memories with those you love.

You won’t relish pictures that reside solely on your hard drive or smart phone, so vow to print and display those photographs around your home.

These days you can print photographs on much more than paper. Pick out treasured pictures and print them on blankets, coasters, canvases, mugs, photo books and more.


At Shutterfly you can create a custom photo blanket made of fleece, plush, Sherpa or woven materials. Choose one photograph or create a collage of over ten images you adore. If you have children consider celebrating your family with a photo-montage that includes a solo image of each child or include a group photo with the entire family. If you like to travel create a blanket with images from your trip to Europe or your most recent cross-country driving adventure. Place the blanket along the back of your couch and use it to snuggle up to watch movies or read books on cold winter days.


Coasters prevent your furniture from getting stained by liquids and cup marks. Custom photo coasters perform this duty while simultaneously providing a great way to share your favorite photos. Print beautiful images on coasters, place them on your coffee table and wait for guests to ask about the people and adventures depicted upon them. Who knew coasters could make such great conversation starters?


Have you captured an image this season that evokes laughter and happiness? Did you have a gorgeous family photograph taken at a beautiful venue? Did you snap a breathtaking shot of the sunset while on vacation? Among the hundreds of photos on your hard drive you will probably find one or two outstanding photographs that stand above all the others. When you find one of those digital images don’t just print it off and stuff it in a frame on your desk. Instead convert it into a full size canvas that can adorn your walls. Make it a work of art to be treasured and admired.


Do you remember all of those #1 Dad mugs or World’s Best Mom mugs you gave your parents when you were a kid? These days you can do more than just tell your parents you think they are the best, now you can capture images to prove it. Mugs make great gifts for those who love to drink coffee or tea. Print images of your parents with you or your children. Then create a mug for yourself. Choose your favorite summer images and think back to those warm summer moments as you sip coffee or tea on a cold winter’s day.

Photo Books

Blankets, coasters, canvases and mugs allow you to showcase a handful of photographs, but those mediums can’t support all of your favorite photos. If you want to preserve a bunch of pictures you’ll need to create a custom photo book. You can create books of variable sizes. The smallest typically measure 5″ x 7″ while larger books can extend to 12″ x 12″. You can stick with classic black and white backgrounds or create a scrapbook feel with varying images and colors. Vow to create a photo book every year and reminiscence about the memories of each magical summer.

Before you shop for photo books, canvas prints or home accessories search online for promotion codes. Then compare prices among online photo services like Shutterfly, Easy Canvas Prints, Snapfish. As well as big box stores like Walmart, Costco and other online sources. Don’t keep those digital photos on your hard drive any longer. This summer print them out and use them to adorn your home.