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Presidential Election Year Fashion

This presidential campaign has been more dramatic than anything we’ve seen. While the two biggest candidates are among the most hated in American history, they both still have their share of fervent (and reluctant) supporters.

Don’t worry. We’re not here to tell you how to vote. We know you’re smart and can look at the facts and make your own decision.

No, we’re here to show you the fashion. And the savings. As always.

Hill-a-rious tees that Trump them all.

The biggest place we found fashion that demonstrates your political opinion is Teepublic, who just happens to have custom printed t-shirts for a fair price: $14-$20. We’ve gathered up some of our favorites that had us in stitches.

For Clinton Supporters


Loved Bernie, but got over it to support the DNC candidate? You’ll probably love option #1 then. Because puns.

And with more puns, option #2: Notorious HRC. Nuff Said.

For Trump Supporters


We didn’t know whether this shirt belonged in the “supporters” or “haters” category, but ultimately we decided it was a pro-Trump message. A lot of people support him because of his wall ideas, which may have even influenced the construction of a wall in France built to keep refugees from passing into England. Should he get the opportunity to make this dream a reality, we just hope he actually uses LEGO bricks.

For Green Party People


Couldn’t quite hop on the Clinton bandwagon after Bernie lost? Don’t worry—there’s a tee for Stein supporters, too.

For Clinton Haters


Because a lot of people think Clinton is too establishment. And some of those people think the establishment is secretly a bunch of reptilian anthromorpods in human suits sent to rule us into destruction.

For Trump Haters


A major criticism of Trump is his love for Russia. This artist decided to take that sentiment and display it in a way that’s sure to tick off the homophobic leader. Quite possibly over the line, this one.

For Astley Supporters


Sometimes, you feel like all of your options are so bad that it’s overwhelming. In these moments, we want to crawl into ancient music videos and believe what the heart throbs tell us: they’ll never give us up, let us down, run around or desert us. Astley will also never make us cry, say goodbye, tell a lie, or hurt us. It feels more real that what we’re hearing at debate podiums, anyways. For real.

Jewelry for President

Want to be a little more subtle (or dressy) about who you support in November’s election? Check out these jewelry options.

Best of Both Worlds


These Etsy artists ask, who will win out in 2016—Women or The Hair? Both designs are genius, which is a great thing about Etsy: you get to access a world of creativity all in one place.

Classy and Subtle


Want to support your candidate in a classy and subtle way? Check out these adorable bracelets from Ashley Bridget, where you can currently get 65% off sitewide—but hurry! It only lasts two more days! The only difference between these two bracelets is the colors on the main pendant—blue for Clinton and red for Trump.