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Price Conscious Shopper’s Store—Dollar General Dot Com

Saving money these days is at the top of nearly everyone’s to-do list. Families have no choice but to stretch their dollars as far as they possibly can. Even as wages are dropping, prices are rising and it seems as if consumers just can’t catch a break. Families need to save money without sacrificing quality.

Dollar General

One store that has always been on price conscious shopper’s lists is Dollar General. Though it previously had a reputation of a second-rate bargain store, found primarily in the Southern United States, Dollar General is now anything but. Shoppers can find great deals on Dollar General brand foods, household goods, clothing, snacks and even over the counter medications all at lower prices than most of the big retailers. The best part? They now have a website where many of these items and more can be had with the click of a mouse – save your gasoline for other uses! is a fairly new website that is adding new products to its available inventory nearly every day. While loyal customers are already used to the savings that this company offers, new users might find themselves surprised.

The Dollar General brands are really where customers can save the most. Their house brand vitamins, pain relievers and other over-the-counter drugs are found at prices that cannot be beaten anywhere. Brand name and off-brand household cleaners are available here, as well as pet supplies and all the baby supplies that a kid needs. Paper towels, trash bags, paper plates, food storage bags and everything else that a household needs to run smoothly are also available here.

Users might also be amazed at the selection of health and beauty products available on Everything from cosmetics to shampoos and disposable razors are available, again at rock-bottom prices.

Users can also save money by purchasing items from this website in bulk. Coffees, baby diapers, medications – virtually all of their products are available by the case.’s service and shipping are reliable, competitive and efficient. Tracking numbers are provided to customers who order through this website so they will know when to expect their shipments. also packs and ships in environmentally efficient procedures, there is never too much packaging waste with this company.

Dollar General often has promotions, such as free shipping or dollars off on certain items, and shoppers who sign up for their mailing list can also get exclusive in-store coupons. Users can also have Dollar General’s weekly print ad delivered to their e-mail inbox as well. The website also offers its customers a ‘shopping list,’ similar to a wish list where they can save items to purchase at later dates. Users can also keep up with sales and specials by following Dollar General on Facebook and Twitter.