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Priceless Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the bend. Most people, especially those in a relationship made gift-giving their tradition on this day of hearts. And well, yes, we can’t deny that most of us love surprises especially when it was given with efforts. So as early as the break of January’s dawn, we now tend to think and weigh our options on finding the perfect and priceless gift ideas for Valentine’s Day to our better half.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be that expensive!

So you might already assume that a pricey dinner date at a restaurant, a sparkly jewel, fragrances or a bunch of red roses and box of expensive chocolates are your only Valentines Day gifts. That is, if you have much extra to spend; but how about other people who also want the best for their partner but couldn’t afford those sparkly ideas? Aside from the usual gifts bought on shops, why don’t you try to squeeze your love bone for something out of the blue?

Since most people nowadays are tight on budgeting because of so many things that they need to prioritize, they are always looking for some other means to celebrate Valentines that won’t really cost so much. Some even preferred gifts that they could really put into use. Spending on expensive things will really eat up all your savings for just one day.

Giving Someone a Priceless Valentine’s Day Gift!

The best and most romantic Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t cost much money but priceless in value. What really matters is how much quality time you spend with each other and when it comes to gifts, it’s really the thoughts that counts – the efforts you exert just to make up something original and very you.

If you’re really into something memorable and with a taste of romance, I have here some few ideas that would help you get the heartbeat of your better half on this special day – without spending a fortune!

  • A Special Home-made Candlelight Dinner


With or without candlelight, a special home-made dinner sounds romantic. But you have done this before and might sound really plain and unoriginal. But really, this is Valentine’s Day!

The gesture that you remembered and put extra effort to celebrate the Heart’s Day with your partner is very touching. Not all would do this kind of thing; they would just rather buy anything than do something.

Start with a surprise invitation like putting a note into your lover’s pocket or purse or somewhere that she or he could really see. But don’t hit the surprise button right away, give it a little scent of mystery like asking her or him to reserve that time because of something special.

  • A Huge Valentine’s Day Heart-shaped Card


The word ‘huge’ may sound you’re needing big bucks to spend – but the truth is, you’re going to get a big happy smile on your partner’s face without spending a cent (if you already have materials like poster board and colored pencils).

Some would opt to buy greeting cards instead but why don’t you let your partner know what you really feel? It may not be a perfect heart-shaped card but it will surely be loved than those cards bought on shops. Sometimes a cheap Valentine’s Day gift is more likely to win her/his heart than presenting some so-called rich gifts.

  • A Box Full of Rolled Small Papers with Short Messages


You can make the box or you can buy the box from gift shops, preferably the heart-shaped one. Then you can fill it out with rectangular-cut small papers with a handwritten note on each one. If you don’t have any idea what to write you can start with telling her or him the reasons why you love him or her (I love You Because…). There must be many reasons, right?

  1. or something like reminiscing your happy experiences (Remember When…)
  2. or maybe you could find love quotes on the net and print it
  3. A Romantic Stroll on Nature (Park, Beach, Lakes)

Sometimes, the best Valentines gift ideas may just be lying around you. Why don’t you take advantage of places around where you can find a breath-taking view to enjoy and relax and just spend time talking about happy moments? Anyway, these are the best kind of memories that could last forever rather than giving something small but they don’t really need. It might end up cluttering your drawers.

  • CD Compilation of Favorite Songs/Music

Mix CD for Valentine’s Day

Priceless gift ideas for Valentine’s Day are most likely to be found in your daily life. A unique Valentines Day gift always means that you know her/him, and you care her/him so much, for you spend time thinking about all things about her/him. You can try this idea if your lover is so into music. Compile all your love songs or favorite songs and name the CD case with whatever name you like (must be really sweet).

You can also have an add-on of Bondpaper-sized Gift Certificate that says “You are entit!led for 1 Free Wish” with $0 amount and validity until 12MN only of the day. Or a Love Card scribbled with I love You’s and short but sweet messages you are always telling your partner.

Let the Love Flow on the Day of Hearts!

To get the most out of the season of love, just let yourself enjoy each other’s company even with or without expensive gives to spare. Anyway, the happiness that you will feel isn’t just about gifts or something material but it is on the effort and care of your partner to show and to let you know you are loved.

There is no distinction between cheap Valentine’s Day gift and expensive ones when you take much on them. Remember, love don’t cost a thing.