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Priming Your Technology for School Season

prime your technology

Technology.  We love it so hard until it breaks down on us the night a term paper is due.  The printer runs out of ink two and a half pages into your five-page paper.  The battery on your laptop dies the one day you can’t find an open outlet in lecture hall.  You get attacked by a virus right before you were going to transfer money out of savings and into checking to avoid an overdraft fee.

In these moments, technology is the worst.  It’s a first world problem by any stretch of the imagination, but that doesn’t mean you don’t feel the impact.  This school year, get prepared for those frustrating situations by priming your technology so they don’t happen in the first place.

The Last-Minute Ink Run

Rather than stopping your studies and desperately trying to find a 24-hour retailer that sells the correct cartridge (a major difficulty for those at rural campuses,) preempt the situation.  Programs like HP’s Instant Ink will set up your printer to automatically order a new cartridge when you’re getting low.  Not only will you have new ones ready to go when you need them, but the program can also save you up to 50% over what you’d normally pay.  In order to qualify, you have to have an eligible HP printer.

The Dead Laptop Battery

If you use your laptop without having it plugged in for extended periods of time, your battery’s life is going to be shorter.  That doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a whole new laptop when it dies.  You just need to replace the battery.  In fact, if you know your usage habits, and know that you don’t usually go for the plug unless you’re recharging, order one now.  It’s back-to-school season, so there are sales to be had, like Laptop Battery Express’s 10% off promo code.

The Virus

We all know we should have security on our computers.  If you got a new one this summer, you  may be waiting to take advantage of your school’s anti-virus once you get on campus.  That’s not a bad idea. It can save you money as many schools do offer it for free.  But you really shouldn’t be online in the meantime. If you can’t resist playing around on your new toy until then, invest the $40 to get Norton installed now.  It’s a lot cheaper than taking it in for a clean-up after you get infected.


We’ve all been there.  Technology will, now and again, break down.  Rather than crossing your fingers that it won’t happen to you, get ready for it.  Make being prepared a part of your back-to-school regimen.  Future you will thank you.  Your wallet will, too.


(Note to parents or anyone else buying for a college student:  any of the above will make a great gift!  College students’ funds are limited, so purchasing one of these things for them frees up some money to spend more on things like food and books.)