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Printable Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving is just over a week away. You’ve got décor. The plans for the meal are in place. But do you have your Thanksgiving table ready?

We’re talking little details here: place cards, favor tags, gratitude cards and the like. If you’re not ready, don’t fret. We’ve curated some great designs from Etsy that you can print from your home computer.

No need for crafting. No need to wait for shipping. Just buy, print and pretend you did it all yourself. We promise we won’t tell.

Gratitude Cards


Gratitude cards are a fun way to celebrate the most common of turkey day traditions: giving thanks. While everyone is sitting around the table waiting for those last few dishes to come out, they can prepare their thoughts on these simple but beautiful cards. Then, when it’s time to go around the table, you’ll all have your thoughts prepared.

Want to go the extra mile? Display them as a decoration after the feast is over. If children start longing too heavily after too many shiny, new toys this holiday season, your display will be a physical reminder of all that they already have.

This printable also comes with “thankful” napkin ring tags.

Place Cards

A staple at the Thanksgiving table, place cards can really pull your décor together. We have two favorites for these. The first was actually made for weddings, but has been consistently downloaded for holiday meals:


The design is a little more formal and comes in a ton of different color options to match your dining room palette.

The second option wraps around your silverware:


Its theme is specifically geared toward the holiday. Instead of inserting the names yourself, you give your names to the shop owner who will insert them and send them to you in a printable PDF.

Candy Wrappers


You may not immediately think of candy when you think of Thanksgiving. It can be a good option for dessert as each candy bar is a single serving, but you’d likely have an uproar over the lack of pumpkin pie.

A better way to use candy bars is to send them home as a party favor. The littlest ones among your family will be openly thrilled, and while the adults won’t necessarily let on they’ll be pretty excited, too.

If you do end up going the favor route, these printable candy wrappers are perfect. They’re themed for Thanksgiving, and will show your guests how much you appreciate them.

Favor Tags


If you love the favor idea, but aren’t so keen on the chocolate, you can get creative with your gifts. Picking some up at your local craft or dollar store should be an easy task. Look for things in the décor sections for adults and the toy or arts and craft sections for the kids.

Once you have your favor, this tag will help you tie it all back to the reason behind turkey season: thankfulness for our friends, family and all those that we hold dear.