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Pumpkin Picking and Other Fun Farm Activities

Do you have a list of favorite fall activities? I sure do. My list includes taking scenic drives, decorating the house for Halloween, choosing costumes and picking a pumpkin at a local farm. Have you ever driven out to the country to pick your own pumpkin? You know you can find pumpkins at the farm, but what else can you do there?

Quality Pumpkins


When my son was just over a year old we loaded the car, drove out to the country and arrived with one happy baby and a big red wagon to pull him around in. While I certainly had ideas for the best pumpkin I let my little one guide us over rows and rows of vines until he pointed, grunted and attempted to lift the pumpkin he wanted to bring home. Some folks like a perfectly round pumpkin while others prefer one that is tall and skinny. No matter your preference you are bound to find plenty of hearty, quality pumpkins to choose from.

Say Hello to the Farmers


Do you want to discover the perfect pumpkin pie recipe? Do you want to find a pumpkin that will stay big and round well into November? Introduce yourself to the farmers and ask the experts who grow those pumpkins year after year. They are bound to know a few secrets that will help you find the best pumpkin in the patch. Just let them know how you plan to use your pumpkin. Do you want it to be a jack-o-lantern or do you plan to bake it in a pie?

Corn Mazes


You don’t realize how tall those corn stalks grow until you try to weave yourself through a maze of them. Corn mazes are a lot of fun for families to stroll through. Some farms are even adding extra mystery to the maze by creating puzzles or riddles to solve as you race through them. Larger farms may also offer a kids maze, with straw that isn’t too much taller than the top of your child’s head. This allows them to run around without adults, but also allows the adult’s to keep an eye on them.

Farm Animals


Some farms offer miniature petting zoos while others simply have livestock on the farm. Nothing feels more farm-like then listening to cows mooing in the background or horses neighing nearby. If your kids are big animal fans search out a place that permits feeding or petting the animals. While other farms may restrict your up-close access it is still fun to see them from afar.

Hay Rides


Many larger farms offer traditional hayrides. After your kids have spent their morning picking out pumpkins they’ll enjoy the leisurely tour of the farm. Pick a cool, sunny day and your kids might beg you to take multiple trips around the fields.



Pumpkin patches provide a great backdrop for photographs of your family. What could be cuter than a picture of your kid nestled in between pumpkins and bales of hay? If your pumpkin patch doesn’t have a little area for photos simply find a sunny spot and snap a shot of your children holding their pumpkins. Do you need to upgrade your camera or lens? If so, check out Keh where you can find new equipment and simultaneously sell your old gear.

If you are looking for a fun family adventure search for pumpkin patches in your area then wait for a sunny, autumn day and drive out to the farm.