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Quick Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom

It’s been said that a person’s bedroom should be their sanctuary… a tranquil place of comfort, rest, and relaxation. For many, that just isn’t the case. The bedroom is much more than a place where we sleep. Depending on your lifestyle, you may find yourself working in your bedroom, eating, or just lounging after a long day. However you choose to spend the time you have in your bedroom is up to you, but you definitely want to make sure that it’s a calm and inviting place where you can destress, and yes- get some rest.

The best place to start is with the wall color. Choose something that speaks to your soul, but don’t go too dark or too deep in color. Dark colors will shut out the light and you may find yourself in a depressed state. Go with light colors that are bright and welcome the sunny days. If you tend to like blues or even shades of grey, stick with lighter hues. You can always add darker colors to compliment the wall color through bedding and accents. Benjamin Moore has premium paint in many beautiful shades. Interior paint starts at just $37.99 a gallon.

Once you have figured out the wall color, start bringing in other elements. Will you keep your same furniture? It can be expensive to replace an entire bedroom suit. If you want to update your furniture but need to do it on a budget, check out some of the great pieces available from IKEA. You’ll even find tons of options for accent pieces and textiles.

Will you need a workspace in your bedroom? As nice as it is to lounge in bed with your laptop, it’s a good thing to separate work from the place that you rest in for the night. Having a designated desk or work bench will keep your work details organized and out of your comfy place. A simple desk will do in a small corner of the room. Just make sure that you have a comfortable chair, and a desk lamp.

Update bed linens and curtains. One of the easiest ways to refresh your bedroom, even if you’re not going to add new paint or new furniture, is to update those tired sheets and bedspread. Just adding a new comforter with a pop of color or a fun design can breathe new life into your bedroom. A down comforter will give you a nice and soft blanket that you will love to use all year long. A summer weight is ideal for this time of year, and you can switch to a heavier blanket during the winter months. Need a new mattress? Cariloha is offering free classic sheets with a mattress purchase. That’s a dreamy deal! Don’t forget to add new pillows in coordinating colors on top of your new bedspread.

Don’t forget the little details. Little accents and accessories can make a big difference in a bedroom. Go for items like handsome clocks, decorative jewelry trays, miniature vases, storage containers, and photo frames. Small candle holders can be placed around the room and used if you’re just relaxing while awake. Go for some nicely scented candles such as lavender or crisp cotton for a clean and refreshing scent that will help you relax.