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Rainy Day Activities for Kids

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April is here, and if your area is anything like where we live, April means lots – and lots – and lots – of rain. There’s not much worse than being stuck inside for days on end with cranky kids who just want to go outside and play. Lucky for you, I’ve dealt with this for many years and have created this list of rainy day activities for kids. Maybe it will help you keep your sanity a little bit during the month of April.

  • Get Creative – Come up with some fun art projects your kids can do: painting with fruit, making clay pots, making no-sew blankets. These are just a few of the things kids can do to get their creativity churning and keep their minds off of the fact that they can’t get outside. Annie’s Craft Store has lots of rainy day projects you can stock up on, and these promo codes for Annie’s will help you save money on your purchase.
  • Host a Drive In Movie in Your Living Room – Decorate large boxes to look like cars, line them up in the living room, and turn on your kids’ favorite movie. Pop some corn, grab the juice boxes, and make it just like they were at a drive in theater. (Does anyone remember those?)

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  • Bake Something Yummy – Are your kids always asking to “help” in the kitchen? A rainy day is the perfect day to let them help to their heart’s content. Make cookies, try a new recipe, make a cake to welcome Daddy home from work. It doesn’t matter what you make, your child will love being able to help you create something special.
  • Consider a Monthly Toy Subscription Service – There are so many fun monthly toy subscription services available. When they arrive, put the new box away and pull it out for a rainy day. It’ll be something fun and exciting that they’ve never seen before, and you’ll look like the superhero for saving the day! For ideas on toy subscription services, check out these Promo Codes from Loot Crate and see how much you can save.

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  • Get Outside and PLAY! – Sometimes, it’s good for a kid to play in the rain and jump in the puddles. Kids need to be kids. So, if you don’t have any plans for later in the day, or if you’ll have time for baths before you go, let your kids get outside and play. (Obviously don’t do this if it’s thundering and lightening outside, but if it’s just a dreary drizzle, let them get out and make the most of it.)

What other rainy day activities for kids can you come up with to keep your children entertained? I’d love to hear them!