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Rainy Day Date Night Activities for Couples

The weather might be warming up, but in many parts of the world, that doesn’t mean more sun – it means more rain. Whether it’s monsoon season or you just happen to live on one of the rainiest parts of the globe, springtime’s rain can make you want to bail on anything that requires leaving the house. No one wants soggy shoes and frizzy hair! Especially not on a date.

Wait! Don’t let rain drown your chances at love! There are ways to bring your date indoors and make the most of a rainy day. Besides, what’s cozier than a warm blanket while the rain hits the windows? I bet you’re feeling more romantic already. Here are some ideas for extra brownie points!

Cook Dinner at Home

Cooking with someone can tell you a lot about them. You can really see what kind of skills they have, how they communicate, and what makes them tick. It’s also a great ice-breaker activity that doesn’t leave too much opportunity for awkward silence.

A good idea is to check out a meal-planning service. They’ll send you the exact ingredients you need, in the exact amounts, to create an impressive and delicious meal. The recipe for each meal is provided. Let’s see how you two work as a team!

Gluten-free? No problem! Save some money on your gluten-free meal plan by using coupons to get a special deal on Freshly! When chefs are putting together your gluten-free meal, you know it’s going to be good.

Order a Pizza & Watch Netflix

Looking for something more low-key? Hey, everyone’s idea of romance different. My dream date is a hot, delivered pizza and an endless stream of movies to watch. I’d have a mix of comedies, critically acclaimed movies, silly movies, and bad movies – to make fun of! Be sure you have a bottle of wine chilling or breathing for the festivities.

Obviously, you know how to save money on renting movies (that would be Netflix!), but why not save some money on that pizza while you’re at it? If you get your pizza from Papa John’s, you could get it for 50% off with coupons! Spending a few dollars for several hours worth of entertainment with someone intriguing is definitely a good value.

Catch a Movie

So maybe your roommates won’t evacuate the apartment for a night, or the mess at your house is unmanageable. Thank goodness for movie theatres! Take your date to a good theatre and skip the awkward movie ticket line by buying your tickets online. Plus, buying both of your tickets will make you look like a chivalrous babe. If there’s a cute or historical, vintage theatre in your area, choose that one! Environment is everything.

Try using a service like Fandango to speed things up and get the date started. Get the good seats while everyone else waits in line! Fandango offers all kinds of promos and coupons, so you can look like a hero and save money at the same time!

Next time there’s a rainy day in the forecast, call up that person who’s been lingering on your mind and ask them if they’d like to go on an “indoor date” with you. These tips will ensure that you both have an awesome time, rain or shine.