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Re-Stock Your Medicine Cabinet with These Great Deals!

medicine cabinet

Got a stomach ache recently and realized there were no Tums or Pepto Bismol in the medicine cabinet? Maybe you had a headache that came on, that was exacerbated as soon as you discovered there was no Ibuprofen to be found anywhere in the house. And, not only that, but the last time your child cut his or her finger, you couldn’t believe you had only one Band-aid left and you were reaching the end of the bacitracin tube.

After all, how could you let your medicine cabinet dwindle so low? You know you’re not the kind of person to wait until something happens to buy what you need; you know better to keep the shelves stocked in case you fall ill.

But, when was the last time you re-stocked your medicine cabinet? If you’ve been putting it off because you feel it’s a little expensive to buy something when you don’t necessarily need it at the present moment, well, you’ll be paying for it later. Instead, re-stock your medicine cabinet now with these great deals!

CVS Pharmacy

When you need something to fix that upset stomach or a sore shoulder, CVS is sure to have it. But, instead of making the drive to the pharmacy when you’re really not feeling up to it, get ahead of the game and order what you need online now. At CVS online, you can get 45% off one regular-priced item and same day free shipping. (Which is great if you do need something immediately!)

medicine cabinet


Another reliable pharmacy, RiteAid is a great choice when you’re looking to re-stock your medicine cabinet. Now, you can get great deals here, like 30% off any order, or 20% off a shopping pass with your flu shot.


Depending on where you live, maybe Walgreens is the local pharmacy you turn to when you need something. Here you can get 20% off any regular-priced item, as well as $10 off $50 spent on select Schiff Move Free products. You can also get $75 off contact lenses!

International Drug Mart

Want to make shopping for medicine easy? Then head to the online store where you can get everything in one place, at prices cheaper than everywhere else. The International Drug Mart is already affordable, but you can get 10% savings on orders over $70, as well as $10 or 10% off when you sign up to their site and shop for the first time.

medicine cabinet



Do you like the more homeopathic approach? Perhaps instead of filling your medicine cabinet with painkillers and whatnot, you prefer vitamins, supplements, herbs, and other solutions to natural health. If this sounds like you, then shop online at Pharmaca, where you can get 30% off site-wide using the promo code: THURSDAYLOVE, or 20% off 5-star supplements.

Make sure you’re always prepared by stocking your medicine cabinet now!