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Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 8

If you are a tech addict like me, then you are constantly following the newest trends in IT technology. One of the companies that I truly respect is Microsoft, because I belong to the generation that started with DOS and moved to Windows. Although there have been some new operating systems for many devices, that have been revealed in the years before, none of them really caught my attention. Microsoft’s Windows 8 was the operating system that really caught my attention. I have used Windows 7 previously and have decided to move to Windows 8. After moving to this new platform I was really amazed what tremendous advance Microsoft made, and I would like to share it with you, so stay tuned, take your breath and continue reading.


You will notice great difference during start up. Unlike the versions of Windows that have been announced before, this one is fully operational and at your service for less than a minute. When the machines boots for the first time, you will see a short video tutorial, which will explain some of the functions in this edition. After the OS boots, every user must sign in with his Microsoft Account. Because of the fact that this account is used for email, SkyDrive and Xbox Live, Microsoft gives every user the possibility to keep his predefined settings on every Windows 8 PC he signs in to. Pretty cool, ha. Every user gets SkyDrive Storage, and actually every document from the new Office 2013 automatically loads to the Cloud after the user finishes editing it. If you don’t want to sync your data, and you do not trust the cloud, then you have the possibility to disable syncing, and all you have to do is to go to the Settings menu.

Some new security options

Well I have previously stated that every user signs in using his password from his Microsoft account. This would be enough to keep anyone safe. However, if some of you do not trust the computer, there is additional security option where the user has to enter 4 digit pass code, to unlock the Windows 8 device, or the newest Picture password option. Every option is worth trying it.

Figuring out the Start screen

One of the major improvements that Microsoft is really proud of is the new Start screen. Actually you’ve got everything in front of you just be selecting one of the Charms. Although the Start button is gone, and the user cannot choose from a vertical menu like in older versions of Windows, the Start menu is redesigned and activated by swiping from left to the right. It didn’t took me long to learn it, so I suppose that everyone will manage it in a very short period.

Improvements in the search options

As it was in Windows 7 or other older versions, if you wanted to find something you had to activate the search option. Here, once the Start screen is active, the only thing you should do is to start typing for the thing you need. Windows 8 will search it for you, and the results will pop up, in the right part of the screen. The results come divided as applications, settings and files.

The Charms Bar and Multitasking

The Charms Bar shows up when the user swipes from the left to the right of the screen. This option shows on the right side of the screen, and actually has several sub options like: search, share, start, settings and devices. With Charms Bar the user can share documents between users, can personalize some settings on the PC. As we speak about multitasking, Windows 8 is definitely the version that has improved multitasking. By activating the Snap, every user can actually dock any application or window, and reduce its size and of course activate another application.

Personalizing and screen lock

Personalizing actually means that every user can choose between the different themes for the start-up screen. It is interesting that once you sign up with your Microsoft account on one device, all settings will follow you one every Windows 8 device you log into. Locking the screen means that the user can see all applications that run in the taskbar, like calendar, mail and others.

The Windows 8 built in applications

Following the newest trends in IT technology, Microsoft really made huge advance in developing new operating systems. The built in applications come with every version of Windows 8. The first application that I used was the mail client. This application is easy to set up, and it doesn’t matter which email provider you have chosen. All data is easily synced. The Calendar application enables the user to sync and see its scheduled appointments and tasks. With the People application your address book will expand thanks to the many possibilities it offers, like entering data for social network accounts and other information, which will mean something to you. The IE 10 is the newest application that is significantly improved than its predecessors. It is all based on HTML 5 and actually it works in two versions. The first version works in the Start up screen, while the second is used for browsing. Besides these there are also other built in applications like SkyDrive, Camera, Messaging, Photos, Games, Music, Video and Bing Apps, which are actually pretty useful to every individual. With the possibility to connect with the Windows Store, every user can buy his application from the thousands of applications available in the store.

What system requirements should be fulfilled?

Microsoft proposes that if the user wants to install Windows 8 on a local PC, then the machine should be equipped with at least 1 GB of RAM and 20 GB of free space on the hard drive. Also another term that must be fulfilled is the speed of the processor. It should be at least 1 GHz. Upgrading from previous version is easy and doesn’t cot much, or to be more accurate the price that you will pay is $39.99. The offer ends on 31 of January, 2013.