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Reflecting Spring Style with Current Floral Fashion

Nothing makes it feel more like springtime than the explosion of flowers everywhere. Flowers are the harbingers of a new season! Their beauty has inspired people for as long as they’ve co-existed, and fashion designers have used flowers as muses for centuries. Floral fashion has gone through so many interpretations throughout the years that it’s hard to believe there are any new ideas left. Luckily, designers on the high street and runway are creating beautiful new clothing featuring every type of beautiful bloom.

Fashion designer Michelle Smith of Milly has turned floral prints into a texture. Her springtime florals are black and white, and peek through irregular, geometric white stripes. It creates an optical illusion that is both elegant and edgy. These beautiful pieces are versatile due to their monochromatic palette and deceptive pattern. Mixing and matching these pieces with your office and night-out wardrobes will be easy, and you can even save up to 15% on these Milly pieces as well as other pieces from the spring collection.

We’re not just wearing florals on tea-length dresses anymore, either. Florals are appearing on every piece of clothing imaginable, and street fashion is no stranger to a beautiful flower print.

The special thing about floral fashion is that it has a place in nearly every style and subculture. Flowers look extra cool on a leather jacket or a tough-looking handbag, and they’re equally sweet on a feminine pink dress or a classic trench coat. The sneakers above are embroidered with flowers along the side, we found them at Marks & Spencer, where our coupons are valid, and they add a really cute, unexpected touch to a casual outfit.

High-end fashion designers are always utilizing florals. That means that the diffusion lines and high street stores are stocking their shelves with the same thing for lower prices.

Missguided has translated the current floral trends into dozens of beautiful, affordable options. This nude romper is only $50 but it has the look of a high-fashion design. Not only is it affordable, but we can save you money on your entire Missguided order with promo codes! Making inexpensive fashion even less expensive is one of my favorite things.

Wearing all florals head-to-toe is possible, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you should do it. What you should do is embrace these beautiful spring messengers and try to incorporate some florals into your spring fashion wardrobe this year.