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Represent Home with These Clever Tees

Whether you’ve lived in the same neighborhood your entire life or broadened your horizons for lifestyle or career opportunities, home always holds a special place in every individual’s heart. The place where you grow up shapes your identity, dictates your accent, and is very often a source of pride, even if that pride has become nostalgic as you’ve grown up, moved away and started raising a family of your own.

That’s why we’re loving on this t-shirt series from SunFrog. Here are some of our favorites for those laid-back, casual summer days.

I Heart NYI love new york tee


This twist on an old classic is hard to pass up. Not only does it include the iconic slogan, but printed inside the lettering are a ton of the places and things you that define NYC as the memorable metropolis that it is.

An Inside Joke from Michigan


If you aren’t giggling yet, you aren’t from Michigan. The state is split into two pieces that don’t touch, separated by the Great Lakes. The northern portion, that splotch on the t-shirt, is the Upper Peninsula, commonly referred to as the UP. So Upper Peninsula yours! Get it?

There’s Nowhere Like Texas


In one clever illustration, this tee manages to say so much. Texans, you’re well familiar with your history, and in some cases, it separated you not only from Mexico, but also from the US. Yes, at one point, Texas was its own country. As our largest continental state, the culture in Texas remains distinct and unique. This history and uniqueness serve as a source of pride. We love that this shirt says, “Don’t Mess With Texas,” in a different and creative way.

The City of Brotherly Love


If this doesn’t make your native Philadelphian heart swoon, we don’t know what will. The print clearly plays on the city’s nickname, the city of brotherly love, and incorporates the iconic skyline. Perfect for those who might be missing home sweet home.

Craft in Maine


A huge part of missing home is missing the local fare. On top of being home to some pretty awesome people and some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, Maine is also home to a host of craft beer breweries. This shirt even includes some that have been absorbed by other companies in years past…bonus points if you can identify them!

California Roots


We just love the artistry on this tee. The shape of the state really suits the pictorial concept of having roots in California perfectly. Great for anyone who calls the Golden State home.

North Carolina’s Mountains


As the longest continental state from eastern most tip to western most tip, North Carolina covers a lot of topography. Not to be forgotten behind her gorgeous beaches are her majestic mountains. If you’re from this region, you may appreciate this play on words from a John Muir quote: “The mountains are calling, and I must go.” Today, areas such as the Blue Ridge Parkway are protected thanks to Muir’s influence on Teddy Roosevelt.

Wherever you’re from, there’re SunFrog Shirts for you. Right now you can score 10% off sitewide.